How To Install Fake Plants In Pots: An Easy 4 Step Method For You

Wondering how to install fake plants in pots? Think no more because we are here with an easy 4 step method that explains how to do it. Just have a quick read & find out!)

Let’s face it! So many people are getting interested in home décor these days. And many of them are decorating their home with artificial plants. Our article addresses one of the issues that are frequently faced by fake plant owners worldwide. And the thing that I am talking about is- How to install fake plants in pots?

If you have some faux plants in your house too & you are wondering how to put them inside planters, you are in the right place at the right time. Just sit back & relax & we will tell you how to do it. So, without any further delay, let us get straight into the discussion!

Get some plant pots or planters

The first & foremost thing is collecting or purchasing some plant pots for the purpose. Many artificial plants often come pre-potted; that is not our topic of discussion. Our focus is on those plants that do not have containers with them or have small pots that are not sufficient for them. You will find many planters in the market.

Buy them according to your choice. Try to get those that are in light plain colors such as white, grey, golden brown, etc. Do not buy pots with bright colors or mixed colors as they might not match your interior décor. But if they are patterned, then you can buy them without any hesitation.

You can even paint your planters with plain ceiling color if they are old, used, or scratched.

Put some paper inside each planter

When your planters are ready, place them wherever you want in your house & fill them up with some torn papers. Do not fill them up entirely. Just fill 3/4th of the pots & it will be enough.

We are using papers because you don’t want your planters to be too heavy. After all, we have some other things to put there as well.

Place the plants inside the planters now

When you have filled your pots with paper, it is time to put your plants inside the planters now. Situate your artificial plants correctly in the middle point of each container.

If you somehow see papers disturbing your plant placement, use your hands to put some of them aside to find some room to place your plant in the middle. You can even place your plant on top of the papers. If you see your plant is not stable, then do as we just mentioned. However, you can even interchange this step (step 3) with the second step if you wish.

That means you can place your plants in the middle of the pots first & then fill the planters’ 3/4th with papers. In that case, the papers will be surrounding your plants. We hope you got this!

Fill the pots with some river stones

After you have placed your plants inside your pots, now is the time for the tutorial’s final step. Remember the space that was left after stuffing the papers inside the planters?

Time to fill those gaps with some river stones. As you may know, river stones are great for home décor & landscaping purposes. They are not too expensive & you will find them in the market with ease.

You need to put these stones all over the torn papers & around your plants in such a way that they cover all the paper pieces inside the planters & you are done.


Hurray! You have finally installed your fake plants successfully inside your pots. We hope you enjoyed reading our article & hope it has helped you to learn to install faux plants in your planters.

If you know any other methods to do this, please feel free to share them with our readers in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

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