10 Natural And Effective Ways To Keep Away Diabetes

Keep Away Diabetes

Keep away Diabetes! Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus as it is medically known is a blanket term for a group of disorders that occur due to metabolic imbalance with the most common sign being high levels of sugar in the blood.

People suffering from diabetes often feel hungrier and thirstier than usual, and they even have to urinate more frequently than is normal. This condition can be further damage your nerve, cause erectile dysfunction, and even lead to many other cardiovascular diseases and even cause cognitive impairment.

Yes, treatment for this condition is available, but why risk getting the disease when you can prevent it, and that too through completely natural means?

There are many different things you can do to treat diabetes naturally so that you may live a long and healthy life, free from high blood sugar.

1. Eat Smaller Portions of Food Whenever you eat

People who overeat or eat too much when they are having their meals often have higher levels of blood sugar along with insulin in their body. Both these substances can lead to diabetes if they are too high in the body for a long period of time.

It may not be easy adjusting to smaller portions or eating less when you are eating, so there are few ways you can reduce your food intake during your meals without resorting to counting every bite or morsel that you eat.

Eat-in smaller plates to trick your body into thinking that you are eating just as usual without overstuffing your body, you can also drink a glass of water right before you have your meals to reduce your food intake.

2. Cut down on Food Items which contains a lot of Sugar

It makes sense that you may want to go easy on food items rich in sugar if you want to prevent from raising the levels of your blood sugar. Now there are certain food items that have naturally occurring sugar such as fruits and certain grains, and it may be difficult to eliminate them. You can eat less of these food items so that you don’t create a sugar imbalance in your body.

There are countless produced food items that we eat such as chocolates, ice-creams, cold drinks, and cakes, which are all made up of ingredients that have processed sugar. To begin with, our bodies require very less sugar, but these food items bring too much sugar to your body which may one day result in diabetes in the future.

If you like having sugar, try using sugar substitutes such as stevia which won’t raise your blood sugar levels.

3. Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Apart from cutting down food items that raise your blood sugar and insulin levels, you also need to do something to lower them down in case they are already high.

Fruits and Vegetables are rich in fiber and they are great in lowering down insulin as well as your blood sugar levels. Please insist on eating fresh fruits and vegetables as frozen ones are not high on nutrient content.

When you are eating fruits please make sure not to eat too many of them or to reduce the portion size of fruits which are rich in natural sugars as they may be counterproductive if you want to prevent diabetes.

4. Exercise and make physical moves to keep the blood flowing

Exercise and physical movements are essential to keep our body healthy and functioning well and the benefits are huge such as keeping our weight in check or making our skin glow.

When you move your body, the blood flows properly throughout the body, facilitating smooth blood flow across every single cell of the body. When the heart pumps blood, it goes through the arteries towards other parts of the body. The blood that is passed through the arteries is oxygenated and loaded with nutrients, while the veins bring back the deoxygenated blood with the waste products from the cells.

If this process is carried out smoothly, and exercise promotes proper blood circulation, the blood sugar won’t be too high in the arteries or even veins for too long thus preventing the person. Regular exercise also makes the heart stronger which ensures which is also helps in proper blood circulation and cutting down excessive sugar levels from the blood.

Make sure Active or Passive Smoking

Smoking has a countless number of negative impacts on the body of the smokers, but people don’t give it up or find it hard to almost impossible to give it up is due to the fact that about 65% of people get addicted to it right after their first smoke.

If you are a smoker or are in constant proximity to people who smoke (which makes you a passive smoker), you have a high risk of having diabetes so please make sure to keep yourself away from smoking as well as smokers.

Apart from these, you can also try the following to prevent yourself from having diabetes and conditions that come along with it:

  1. Limit or eliminate food items which are rich in refined carbohydrates from your regular diet and substitute them with low-carbohydrates or no carbohydrates options such as sweet potatoes instead of potatoes.
  2. Whenever you have to make a choice between water and any other drink, always choose water, it keeps your skin soft, your body hydrated, and your blood sugar in control.
  3. People who are overweight are more likely to suffer from diabetes apart from many other cardiovascular diseases so you might want to hit the gym and shed off the extra weight for your health.
  4. Stay out in the early morning sun to get Vitamin D, or eat food items such as cod liver, fishes, and whole grains for its intake.
  5. Get enough sleep, lack of enough sleep can cause a lot of hormone imbalance, and can also cause insulin imbalance thus leading to diabetes.

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