Tips To Cut Resolution Time To Improve Customer Service

Improve Customer Service

To cut resolution time to improve customer service, you should minimize waiting time, automate the repetitive process, create template response, and categorize complaint tickets.

The clock begins to tick from the moment your customer reaches out to you and does not stop until you resolve their queries. The length of time taken by you to resolve their queries is known as resolution time. In other words, it is an average amount of time between when a complaint is registered and when a complaint is marked as solved.

The most valuable resource you will ever have is time. If you take a longer time to resolve customers’ queries, you are wasting yours as well as your customers’ time. Studies have revealed that customers are always more satisfied if they get a response within a few hours compared to those who get the same response but after a couple of days.

Companies have normally set 24 hours as the standard time to get back to customers, but it can further take days if the matter is not small. This is why your priority must be to get them as soon as possible. In order for improving customer satisfaction, you should be responsive to resolving issues. The faster the complaints you resolve, the faster your brand image will build.

Most of the companies use software to have a record of complaints and feedback from the customers. They shell out a large amount of money in handling customer database and do not hesitate to take out loans from private lenders to invest in expensive software, but software alone can do nothing to whittle down the resolution time. Here is what you should do:

Minimize waiting time

There can be a variety of reasons for a delayed response like the late response from customers, poor communication, having no idea about the complaint, insufficient tools to resolve the complaint, and the like. The best way to deal with customer complaints as soon as possible is by assigning it to the right staff member as it comes to the help desk.

If you have received any complaints that are new and you do not have expertise in handling it, make sure that you transfer it to the subject matter expert. However, you cannot sit back after debuting the query to the expert. Gather information, make follow-ups, and keep your customer in the loop.

Improve your knowledge so you do not need to rush to your seniors or other staff members when such kinds of complaints arise down the line. Be transparent with your customer. Do not forget to keep them in the loop at every stage. Poor communication is one of the significant reasons for causing frustration in your customers. If it is taking a long time to resolve the query, tell your customers why it is so.

Automate repetitive process

If you handle all tickets manually, it will consume a lot of your time. Therefore, you should automate certain processes so your staff can concentrate on critical issues. You can automate various activities like ticket assignment, changing due date, setting priorities, and the like. All you need to do is create conditions and set them for specific categories of complaints. Then, your help desk will automate the entire process.

Create a template response

It is not surprising that you come across the same queries from multiple customers. These queries will need the same response, which means you will have redundant manual work. Of course, sending the same response to a large number of customers is totally a waste of time.

This is when you will need to create answer templates. You can save them so you can send them immediately whenever the same query arises from your customers. It will not only save your time but will also help you focus on dealing with more critical complaints.

Categorize complaint tickets

Resolution time for all types of complaints cannot be the same. It depends on the seriousness of the complaint made by customers. You will categorize tickets based on the nature of the complaint. One of the greatest advantages of categorizing complaint tickets is you will know which require template response and which require critical analysis.

Further, you will be able to figure out the type of complaints you have been frequently receiving from your customers. If you are receiving complaints that are more serious in nature, it should raise the alarm. Dive deeper to know where you are slipping up and how you can feel that particular type of complaint.

If you want to whittle down the resolution time, you will have to build a team of professionals that understand the query of customers and are quick to respond to them. Further, do not ignore the use of the software.

Since they are AI-powered tools, they can understand why response time issues are high and how you can reduce them. Even though you have a start-up, you should invest in software. However, if you find it an expensive investment, you can take out no guarantor loans for bad credit.

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