20 The Most Prominent 2020 Fashion Trends This Year

With increasing social demand, fashion trends also become more sophisticated, luxurious, and prominent. Many girls choose to match the perfect clothes to express their own personality. Not only brings prominence and personality but also shows the “fashion trend 2020” in it.

So what is the fashion trend of 2020? Let’s take a quick look at our following article to know the top current latest trends.

1. Open shoulder outfits

The first fashion 2020 that we want to share with you is the open shoulder outfit. This is a lifesaver for a lot of girls if you do not know how to match them beautifully, then just blending open-shoulder peplum with jeans will be great.

With this combination, you can completely rest assured that not only is beautiful but also very fashionable. This promises to be a stylish and gentle outfit for ladies and gentlemen. Especially those with sexy bare shoulders will be very suitable for this trendy fashion trend.

There is no need to wear cumbersome dresses just combining jeans with an open shoulder shirt will also help you become softer, more stylish, and more personalized.

2. Body-hugging skirt

Body-hugging dresses are the next fashion trend this year that many young people love. Not only is it suitable for a party, but you can wear it to work, go on a date or go out, …

Therefore, do not think that the body-hugging skirt is only suitable for a luxurious party, wherever you are, you can wear it as long as you like it.

There are many types of body-hugging dresses that you can choose from. It is not necessary to choose a stereotype. Choose the body dresses you find suitable for you, not only beautiful but also suitable for current fashion trends.

To be more attractive, you should choose a black hugging dress, this outfit is expected to become the latest fashion for 2020. You can wear it to walk around, go to a party, all with a blend of fabric. Along with the fashion design will help you look more beautiful, more attractive with impressive body curves.

3. Pleated skirt

The next hot trend in 2020 that we want to share with you is the pleated skirt. Not only gives the girls a youthful, dynamic, and personality but also helps you to skillfully conceal defects. Especially the legs, back, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

Do not keep running after new styles but forget about the pleated skirt, she will definitely become more lovely with this trendy dress.

Especially suitable for teenage girls will be very interested in this short skirt style. With this skirt style, you can combine with a T-shirt that will be very suitable. Surely this stylish skirt will never be out of date for you.

For more personality, you can choose for yourself a long pleated skirt, combined with high heels or flats depending on your body shape.

4. Women’s village dress

Women’s country dress with a classic style but gives you a design that evokes the image of the old countryside, shows something familiar in the past. With a fragile village dress, you will become gentle and seductive.

Not only that, but it will also emit a mystery that makes the opposite person unable to take his eyes off. Shows the innocence and innocence of the country girl. Will be very suitable for girls in a gentle, feminine style.

5. Dress shirt

The next fashion trend 2020 that we want to share with you is the dress shirt. This is not only a fashion style for the puffy girls, but even today’s young people are very satisfied with the design of this dress.

Although it has been on the market for a long time, the dress has no signs of cooling but is increasingly popular with girls. In addition to bringing youthfulness and dynamism, it also shows a polite and trendy style.

6. T-shirt skirt

One of the combinations that never goes out of style and is well received by many girls is the T-shirt and skirt.

Besides the shoulder-length shirts, peplum, chiffon. T-shirts are considered the hottest 2020 fashion trends today.

This is one of the items with a second-place among women’s shirts.

It is estimated that for every 10 people, 9 people wear T-shirts on the street, showing the HOT level of this shirt.

With a simple design, lightness can be combined with all different outfits. So this will be the 2020 fashion trend that you cannot ignore for yourself.

Do not be too picky in choosing outfits, the simpler it is to show your personality and help you become more fashionable.

Therefore, let’s simplify the map to make it more comfortable. It’s best to combine T-shirts with skirts not only in style but also trendy.

7. Fleece jacket

The next 2020 fashion trend that we want to share with you is a fleece jacket. Not only beautiful designs but also outstanding advantages that you should not ignore, specifically:

  • Beautiful material, trendy design
  • Very warm to wear in winter
  • Classic but quite luxurious
  • Can be combined with any outfit

Although it is a prominent fashion jacket in 2019, it is expected that in 2020 this fashion jacket is very popular. Especially will be very suitable when coordinating with office uniforms. Not only wearing to work but going out, going on a date is very suitable.

8. Polka-dot motifs

One of the fashion trends that cannot be ignored is the polka dots. As the classic choice that every girl loves, the biggest advantage of this motif is that you can mix a variety of accessories, bringing a new and luxurious fashion style.

It is the HOT level that polka dots bring, but in 2020 these shirts and dresses are considered a fashion trend that girls should not ignore. It promises to bring you this youthful and feminine style with this unique and new pattern.

With polka dots, you can wear to work, go out, go to a party or date all suitable. Polka dots will never go out of style because of the versatility it offers.

9. Caro motifs

Caro motifs are a long-known fashion trend.

Although being born many years ago, this pattern is still chosen by many girls in 2020 and in 2020 this is considered a fashion trend for trendy girls.

Costume style is considered one of the important things, it is the deciding factor in whether you are pretty or not.

Because women’s fashion styles change every day, it is important to catch up with 2020 fashion to make your style more new, attractive, and attractive.

With a simple and eye-catching checker pattern, it promises to help you attract the attention of everyone. Not only beautiful but also stylish and stylish.

Caro motifs are predicted to be a stormy fashion trend this year.

10. Flared shirt and skirt

This is the fashion style that many girls love. With the unique shirt design combined with the personality spread, the skirt will help her become more outstanding than ever. With the long skirt, you will become prettier, more attractive, this will help you get inspired to work. For better results.

11. Wide-legged pants – Fashionable 2020

The wide pants fashion trend of recent years, and by 2020 these pants are also considered an indispensable trend among young people. With wide-leg pants, you can combine with many different styles.

Choose for yourself a stylish shirt, a simple T-shirt, or a sexy crop top … no matter what style you can combine with loose pants. So it will be very flawed if you ignore this unique fashion trend this year.

The wide-legged pants are not only suitable for hanging out, traveling, or dating, but also suitable for work. Not only brings comfort but also convenience. Instead of always wearing pants with a shirt you try to combine pants with a shirt to change the style for yourself.

12. Big belt – New but old fashion accessories

Although it is only a small detail on the overall fashion style of each person, the big belt plays a very important role. Not only enhances the figure of the wearer, but also helps to conceal minor mistakes in the outfit.

With this accessory you can use with all different physique, especially for chubby girls, this will be an indispensable accessory to help her look cuter.

It is the importance of the big belt that the fashion trend of 2020 cannot be without this accessory. This fashion will be very suitable for autumn and winter fashion this year.

13. Suit – Standard office fashion style

The trend of menswear, suit with pants, vest or suit will bring details with delicate and meticulous designs that many people choose. This is a new style of office fashion, showing an elegant, discreet, and luxurious style. Very trendy so this will be a fashion trend in 2020.

Although the Suit design is quite discreet, it shows a strong expression that is very suitable for strong, personality girls. So do not miss the Suit if you want to get a modern fashion style for 2020.

14. Silk fabric – This year’s fashion trend

Silk is one of the famous materials in Vietnam, with its soft, flexible properties, silk fabric gives the wearer a feeling of lightness, tenderness, and elegance. Not only good materials but also honoring the woman’s body contours.

There are many colors for you to choose from, in addition, you can also combine with many other outfits to enhance the beauty of the body curves. Therefore, if anyone asks you what fashion trend 2020 is, silk is one of the items that you cannot ignore.

Choose cute dresses made from silk to get the latest fashion trends this year.

15. Khaki fabric

Khaki an outstanding clothing material has been chosen for many years. In addition to a certain hardness, not as soft as chiffon fabric or some other materials, the khaki fabric is the choice of many girls because of the undeniable advantages of this fabric.

If you want to choose for yourself a fall-winter fashion style for 2020, khaki shirts and pants will be the choice that you should not ignore. Although stiffer than other fabrics, the disadvantage is also the advantage of this fabric.

Fashion styles created from khaki fabric will help you to show off your full body perfectly. Khaki pants, shorts, or skirts are all very trendy and new. Not only does it make you more luxurious, but also more refined and sexy.

16. Leather material

Leather is an indispensable material for the fashion trend of 2020. Very suitable for use in the autumn-winter weather, the main advantages of the skin such as diverse colors, soft skin, very suitable for Spring – Summer designs.

The outfits are made of eye-catching and new leather material, giving the wearer an impressive, unique, and surprising fashion trend. The special thing is that this material can express your unique personality and fashion style. With leather, you will become more outstanding and impressive in the eyes of everyone.

17. Knitting techniques

New, unique, and eye-catching in new shaping with knitting technique is one of the 2020 fashion fads that are welcomed by many people. Croptop and bra, which are created by knitting technique, have impressed the wearer. New and unique are the advantages that knitting brings.

The colors of wool are harmoniously coordinated to create an eye-catching, new outfit in different ways. From neutral monochrome colors to impressive motifs, all create accents for the entire outfit.

If you are wondering what the 2020 trend is, crochet knitting is one of the prominent trends this year.

18. Layered dress

The layered dress is the next year’s fashion trend that we want to share with you. Although using it created the fashion fever many years ago, until now, it still wins the love of many girls.

With elegant motifs, elegant colors, and gentle materials, she has captured the hearts of many people who want to pursue a feminine style. You can choose this outfit to go to work, go out or go to a party, … all.

To stand out more, you should combine with high heels to enhance your physique, helping you become more confident, more attractive than ever. Perhaps it is the newness of the layered dress that this fashion style never goes out of style until now.

19. Chain chain

In addition to large belts, chain chains are the trend of accessories this year. With simple, but very sophisticated and unique metal materials, it has become a new fashion trend for 2020.

Instead of a compact chain model as before, the size of the chain in 2020 is designed with a large, pit, studded chain to create a new and different from previous versions.

It is the change in the design style that makes the chain become new and attracts the attention of the user and becomes the latest fashion trend in 2020.

20. Loafer shoes

If you are wondering what fashion shoes will become the trend this year, Loafer is the name that we want to share with you. With a simple design that is not too fussy but brings elegance and sophistication in each line.

These promises to be fashionable shoes to help you become more fashionable than ever. Loafer shoes are designed with 2 types of high soles and low soles to help you choose according to your needs. It is predicted that this shoe will be storming in 2020.

The above are 20 fashion trends 2020 that promise to bring a new wave to the trendy girls. Hope our article above helps you a little in the process of learning about this year’s fashion trends.

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