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Top Ways To Make Pizza Healthier & Still Delicious


Pizza is one of the most loved foods in America but, with the rise of diseases: heart attack, diabetes, etc. people are looking for a way out to decrease the cut of fat and cholesterol as pizza is not considered as the healthiest food out there. However, you have enough ways that can help you turn this delicacy into a healthy one.

The Crust

As every other thing starts with a good base, the same is the case with Pizza. A great pizza starts with a great crust. You might have seen many people who say that they just love the crust of the recipe every time they order it, the first thing they confirm is whether these people have a quality crust or not. So, it’s important to get the good quality crust that compliments the toppings and let you enjoy it to the fullest.

To make a healthy pizza crust, the dough should be homemade. Here’s how:

  1. Using whole wheat flour rather than white flour.
  2. Make them soft and moist dough.
  3. Roll the dough for thin crust rather than the thick crust.
  4. Use low-fat options or olive-oil rather than butter or cream.

The Sauce

The sauce is the easiest thing for a pizza to make at home. Some tomatoes add herbs and some olive-oil put these in a blender and then mix them well. This should do the job of making the sauce. However, if buying from a store check the label and pick the one with low sugars. You can fill your kitchen closet with a list of sauces that are with different flavors. Some even mix different sauces to give it a unique taste. You too can try it out and get that finger-licking experience of Best Pizza Long Beach.

The Toppings

Starting with cheese as most of us love cheese and a lot of it, However, if you could cut off the amount of cheese you can shave a lot of fats and calories. Lastly, if cheese is required for your needs, try on mozzarella cheese as it is one of the lower-fat cheeses. Also, some love to have it with double cheese or double cheesy crust that drool the liquid cheese from your mouth. Even while giving you all this information I am thinking in my mind about ordering some good cheesy pizza from my favorite outlet.

Unless you are a vegetarian you might like meat which consists of lots of fat and crabs. So, you should try the ground and lean meat.

Still loading your pizza with vegetables is your best option for lower fats and it will be healthier. You have a lot of options in vegetables like onions, tomato, capsicum, cabbages, carrots, and many others. It’s your choice which vegetable you like the most and you can have the toppings with that only.

Healthier Pizza can be made:

If you are making healthier food choices, just make some right choices while ordering pizza or try eating only the homemade pizza.  Well, you can search for the outlets that are providing the customized pizza like you just have to let them know which type you are looking for and what kind of toppings you need. These people have low-calorie sauces also that compliment your delicacy. These people won’t charge you extra for it. You have to call them or visit their website and make a quick order.

Here are some additional steps:

  1. Try damping your pizza with a napkin before eating it.
  2. Practice by limiting yourself to two slices at a time. It’s hard but a must.
  3. Try having one soda glass with pizza for not feeling full even after eating a full pizza

As you follow all these steps you will realize that being on the safer side will always keep your health fit and fine.

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