Best Indoor Plants To Plant

Indoor plants are usually decorative pieces in hoses. Surely they add beauty to your home but it has a number of other benefits like giving clean and fresh air, which is really important in this polluted environment. It attracts your attention, helps you to relax, releases positive energy, and many more benefits.

However, it is really difficult to select which variety of plants are suitable for indoor use, and also how to properly take care of them? So here we tried to make this task easy for you by choosing 7 best indoor plants which will be long-lasting with little care and attention.

  1. Pothos or Money Plant – This is basically a creeper, also known as a cubicle plant. This can grow up to 10 to 15 feet long even in low sunlight. It is really easy to grow this plant. Also, it is believed that these plants bring prosperity and happiness to the family. You can surely send this wishing them good luck. You can also choose to send flowers bouquet online but this is something different and will surely be loved by a plant lover.
  2. Snake Plant – This is easily available plants and looks great on your side table. Don’t get afraid from its name, it got its name from its appearance. It has upright and thin leaves. It has very low maintenance as it can survive in drought too. It can easily breathe in low lights but prefer bright lights. Just a little precaution that this plant is usually not pet friendly.
  3. Dracaena – This plant looks beautiful indoors and actually it is meant for that only. As it should be kept away from direct sunlight. It is a very easy-going plant and doesn’t need much maintenance. This purifies the air and gives you fresh air. So if you have a very tight schedule, and you want a plant at home, this is the right choice.
  4. Spider plant – If you want more greenery and have a large space, you should surely plant them. This has a large number of long and thin leaves which gives the jungle-like look instantly. These also grow small spiders in it which can be propagated. This plant needs bright light but no direct contact with sun rays. This is super easy to maintain and it is a very strong and efficient purifier. The best part of this plant is that it is pet friendly.
  5. Aloe Vera – It has great antibacterial properties and it is super easy to take care of. You can plant this anywhere in your home and admire the beauty of it. You can also use this to heal your wounds. Also, this removes toxic substances from your environment and makes it cleaner. You can surely plant them into small pots and give them as a Birthday bouquet or happy birthday flower delivery in Delhi but don’t forget to add a note writing your emotions and why you did so. This will surely be loved by them because this is a very unique and different thing to do.
  6. ZZ plant – It is a plant that can sustain itself in lower light and water as it is a drought survivor. It has rhizomes in its roots. So it has great water holding capacity which can be used by plants for a long time. It has very low maintenance and remembers to purify the air. This is just not a pet-friendly plant.
  7. Peace lilies – This plant needs little more attention when compared to the above plants. But it is flowering and looks very beautiful when it has flowers on it. It fills the air with aroma. As it has a very sweet aroma. If you are not allergic to this you should keep this plant in your bedroom because it releases oxygen at night and purifies air very rapidly. Lilies are also a great option to wish somebody on a special occasion. You can surely send peace lilies to the small pot to plant lovers. This is. different and will surely be loved by them. This option is available as online plants delivery in Bangalore, you also have many options available. Which can be chosen for sending or for your own home.

These are the 7 best plants that you can choose to plant inside your home and enjoy the fresh air. You should really try at least one of them.

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