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AC Replacement Tips You Should Know

AC Replacement

Going on even a couple of hours without a properly working AC on a hot day can be frustrating and have your mood ruined. Calling up a professional doesn’t come cheap either, paying up a hundred dollars for each trip is not the way you planned for your summer to go by.

There are times when avoiding an expensive repair cannot be avoided and hiring a professional is the only option left. But luckily, there are a few checks that you can perform on your own before you make the decision to call in an expert.

Taking advantage of the rising DIY trend around the world might have something in store for you to save money. Here is our list of AC replacement tips and checks that you can easily perform by yourself when your AC doesn’t turn on at all or blows out less than cool air before you go on hiring a professional for it.

Check The Power

If your AC unit doesn’t power up at all, the most common and probable reasons could be that the breaker might have tripped.

It is common because, in most homes, many different appliances and lights are connected to a single breaker, and using them all at once can cause it to trip.

You can check out the main and see if the breaker has flipped, if it has, switching it back on should save you an entire trip of a professional AC repair service and the embarrassment.

It truly is painful and embarrassing to call out an AC replacement Service, pay him the high service fee, and see him only do so much as flip a switch, which is why it is an important check to make.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat is what controls the cooling of your air conditioner, it is usually that digital switch you have in your living room to operate the cooling of your AC unit.

Check the settings on it to see if it has not been working just on the fan or the cooling has been set at a higher temperature than the room temp.

If everything else is in order, it might just need a pair of new batteries since most of these are battery operated. Getting a set of new batteries can save you from bigger distress.

Change The Filter

Changing or cleaning the filter of your air conditioner should be a part of your general routine. It gets dirty by drawing in the dust and dirt particles from the inside of your home and can block the airway entirely.

Make sure your filters are clean and unclogged. The filter of your AC can only be cleaned a few times and might need a replacement after a while.

If you see ice building up on the fins of your AC then it is a prominent sign that your filter needs cleaning or changing. Get in out, give it a good clean, and that should do the job.

Make Sure The Ducts Are Clean

Just like the filter, the ducts and vents of your house become dirty over time because of the airflow and may get blocked eventually.

Checking up on the health of your ducts may need an AC installation company but if you’re not afraid of getting up into the attic, it should be quite easy for you.

Check all parts of the ducts to make sure that the air is coming out of the places. If you are able to find a block, cleaning it will have the cool air circulating in your house again.

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