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What Is The Cost Of Fitting An Air Conditioner Into A Home In The UK?

Fitting Air Conditioner Into A Home

Air Conditioner! If we were asked to list the hottest places in the world, I am sure the united kingdom will not be counted as one. However, there are some moments when the heat can become almost unbearable for some, especially those living in well insulated and warm houses. The loft conversion air conditioning can make this condition better.

Do you want to learn more about loft air conditioning? Read on as we give you a round-up of what you need to know about the installation of an air conditioner in the UK.

What are the available types of air conditions?

There are three types of air conditioners you can choose from for your home. You can go for the freestanding units, wall-mounted systems, or ducted systems.

The freestanding units

A good number of people go for the freestanding unit, and they are mostly used in conservatories. These are the cheapest air conditioners and work well for rooms of small sizes. You can move it from place to place because it is portable. However, it will take up some floor space and may not work as well as the more expensive options.

Wall-mounted system

This the most popular option and is very efficient if you choose the right unit for your room size. This system has panels that will be fitted into the room above head height. These panels will allow the circulation of air over the refrigerant so that it can cool the air.

The advantage of this system is its effectiveness. Also, it does not take floor space, and if you have to use a larger fan unit, then it will be installed outside your home. However, this system is not so discreet compared to the ducted system.

Ducted system

These systems are the most discreet and most expensive option. The fan of this system is usually bolted to the outer part of the house. The outlet installed to the ceiling as a duct. Unlike the wall-mounted system, the fan is smaller and more discrete.

This system is very discreet, quiet, uses no floor space, and works for bigger homes. However, it can only be used by houses that have enough space above the ceiling for the system.

What should I look out for when making a choice?

The following are the factors to look out for when choosing an air conditioner. However, the cheapest brands may not have all of them.

You will need a remote control, timer for programming the system, silent modes so that your system can be very quiet and efficient at night, and app access that will allow you to keep your home fresh when you are far from it.

How long does it take to install an air conditioner?

You will not need any installation with the freestanding unit since it works from a box. It is the most accessible system that can work for almost everyone that is in desperate need. Four hours may be needed to complete the installation of your wall-mounted type.

This is because the installer will open the wall, fix the wall unit, and install the external fan. The ducted system is more complicated, and you may need a day or more for the complete installation of your four-bedroom flat.

Estimated cost for installing an air conditioner

The prices below are the estimated prices for installing a split system with a wall mount.

Room Budget range Premium range
Office or small room £950 £1500
Double bedroom £1100 £1750
conservatory £1300 £2100

These prices are for the ducted system

Room Budget range Premium range
Office or small room £2000 £2800
Double bedroom £2250 £3250
conservatory N/A N/A

You can contact us for a custom free price.

How often will I service it, and what will be the maintenance cost?

You will need to clean the fans of your AC yearly as it will pick up lots of dust while working. However, you will need to top your refrigerant else frequently your AC will stop working and cause the rubber hose to become brittle or crack.

In the UK, you may not need to use your air-con every time because the weather is relatively cold. So, you will need to service it once in two years. However, you can maintain those in the kitchen and offices since they may be in constant use twice yearly.

Obtain a quote from us

Thermacool Services installs air conditioners for loft and other parts of the house at a very competitive price. Contact us on 020 7738 8666 to obtain a free quote.

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