How To Write An Informative Essay

Informative Essay

So what is an informative essay? Tasked with the assignment of writing an informative essay, what should be the focus in writing?

In writing an informative essay, role play is involved in which you as the writer take up an expert position within a given specialization. You are obliged to have an in-depth understanding of the topic as you will be expected to inform your subjects concerning the area of interest.

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Prewriting Stage:

In order to choose a theme, look out for:

  • Pick an issue that is somewhat sufficiently informative. Don’t choose one that is too limiting or one that is overly broad in terms of information. Go for a subject that will enable you to be relevant, clear, and informative at the same time. For example “Spread of Diseases in Africa” is rather too broad, the most suitable option would be “Spread of Malaria in Africa”.
  • Go for an interesting subject, one that would excite your readers.
  • Make sure that you are interested in the topic too, it would be much easier to write about something that you consider fascinating for you.
  • Carry out as much research to acquaint with enough knowledge and information as possible. Record down your points from research on a notebook.
  • Brainstorm on the topic by disseminating it into several parts which may enable you to come up with more ideas and organize them.

Outlining Your Essay

You need to structure your essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Let us take an inside look at developing these parts.

The Introduction. The focus of the start of your essay should be to state and familiarise the topic to the audience in an interesting way, get your readers hooked to your article from the beginning. Consider starting with a captivating quote.

The Body, this forms the greater part of your essay with details of facts and info on your topic described. You should opt to outline your paragraphs with the most relevant points coming first and the less significant ones coming much later. Present your ideas creatively while paraphrasing and your facts.

The conclusion. The end of your writing should be precise, clear, and most important summarise your thesis. A good beginning deserves a good ending and therefore ends your essay on a high. Consider an inquisitive phrase, a quote, or a great statement as a punchline to conclude your writing.

Writing Your Essay

In writing your essay does the research of your topic and come up with topical sentences, this should, in turn, assist in developing a rough draft of your essay. Come up with a clearly outlined plan.

A well planned out essay should satisfy the following conditions.

  • The topic is clearly elaborated to the reader
  • The thesis is clear and relevant.
  • The conclusion can give a summary of the thesis.
  • Your topic and informative essay in general significant.

After forming a rough draft go-ahead to complete your final draft while following a guide from the plan of the rough draft and finally proofread your essay to eliminate any possible errors.

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Relevant Information in Writing an Informative Essay.

  • Cite evidence of your views
  • Remember to include contrasting views
  • Give out as much info as possible
  • Add topical points
  • Consider using passive voice in writing

With the above outline, it wouldn’t be such a difficult task to write an informative essay. Take your time to go through step by step again if you have not understood. It is never easy to write but through practice.

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