How To Stay Motivated To Go And Exercise Everyday

Motivated to go! Let’s talk about motivation, and what keeps me going on days when I just don’t feel like going out for a walk and also what keeps me going doing the walk or when I’m feeling really tired and I just want to take a break and stop.

I’ve been walking for almost nine months now pretty much every day, apart from a few days here and there. I’m not too strict with myself however I do try and keep up the walking as much as possible because it does me so good physically, mentally and it’s my little bit of me-time.

I’m going to start talking about that initial motivation to actually get up and go for a walk. It’s so hard when you’ve had a really long busy day and you’re just starting to feel like you can settle down for the evening or if you have kids like me and you’ve got to do the whole bedtime routine. By the time the kids are asleep, you’re absolutely knackered.

Motivated! It is really hard to find the motivation to go and put my body in a lot more sort of physical stress and I’m not going to sit down with a cup of tea and listen to your favorite small business coach podcast just yet. It is really mentally hard and one thing I find that really helps me is thinking about what I would be doing in 20 minutes’ time. If I go for a walk in 20 minutes I’ll be back. I’ll be feeling really refreshed and really just like motivated and proud of myself.

Alternatively, if I don’t go for a walk, I’ll probably still be browsing Facebook or Instagram for 20 minutes. Twenty minutes go by so quickly when you sit and do nothing. I just try and think about useful time and time wasted and because it’s only 20 odd minutes that I do, I don’t walk for a long period of time I don’t feel like it’s going to take up too much of my evening and it’s just that little bit.

Motivated! My first tip is to try and think about the time that you are actually putting to good use when you’re going for a walk. At the same time, think about the time that you’re wasting when you don’t go for a walk. Obviously, there will be times when you just want to relax and you don’t want to go for a walk. That’s normal, however, I have those days as well however when I feel like I’m just lacking a little bit of motivation that’s the first thing I try to think about.

Motivated! The second thing that motivates me to actually go for a walk is to think about that sense of achievement after the walk and when I think about how I feel after I go for a walk that gives me such a boost to get up, get dressed and not think too much about it. That is the second thing that motivates me.

The third thing that really motivates me is the fact that I don’t need any childcare or transportation to go for a walk. Going into the gym for me sometimes feels like a hassle, and ends up being a little bit too expensive too. That’s definitely motivation for me.

The next thing is to not put any pressure on me to walk any kind of distance for any length of time. I simply just get out of the door and I walk however long however much I do it and I feel good about it. If I put pressure on, I’m going to do a 5k today or I’m going to do a 3k today, I feel like I don’t want to go for a walk because I don’t want to disappoint myself and if I don’t do that then I will feel horrible about it.

I just take it one step at a time and don’t put any pressure on myself sometimes I go really slow like a very slow walk, other times I go faster, however, I try not to put any pressure on myself even when I’m walking with other people, such as a friend. I just feel like if I put pressure on it and try and keep up and feel as fit as my friends then I’m just not going to want to go for a walk.

My next motivation is the fact that walking is my little bit of me time and I feel like it’s extra special me time, because my time out of the house feels even better especially if, like me, you work from home and some days I spend the entire day at home either working, cleaning, tidying, etc.

I think they even if I have my time at home it still doesn’t feel that relaxing and walking just feels like I’m getting out of the house this is my time for me to focus on myself I’m doing this for me I can think about what I want to think about I can listen to whatever music I want to listen to so you had that thought when I’m at home and I feel like should I go for a walk or not and thinking about that me-time that peace of mind that headspace just makes me want to get up and go.

The last thing that really gives me a kick up the bum to go for a walk is hitting the next milestone on the app that I use. A lot of the time, just by looking to see my progress and see how far I’ve got to go until my next milestone. If you don’t have an app, go find one in the Play or the Apple store, depending on your phone.

Another thing that will keep me going through the walk is music. It has to be music that I enjoy of course, and within the same pace that I’m walking. I tend to go for more upbeat songs and I have a walking playlist and it was like in the beginning.

I did this whole playlist of songs that I loved and then I had like Kendrick Lamar songs in there and others of a similar style. I have a few songs however I always go back to when I’m in the middle of walking and I feel like I’m getting so tired and so bored and I try and walk to the beat of these songs and it becomes a little bit of a challenge.

Motivated! This final tip is probably the most important tip out of all of them. It’s to not put pressure on even a certain number of kilometers. Please don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You’re not competing against anyone, you’re doing that for your own personal benefits and for yourself.

The above tips instantly give me a boost to keep going and finish that walk each day. It’s my way of feeling proud of myself and wanting to make myself proud at the same time. This is how I motivate myself to go for a walk and to keep walking.

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