Some Important Steps To Start A Business

Setting up or start a business is something that starts with the desire and passion to create and work for yourself. Of course, starting a business is just the beginning, because the hardest part comes next. For this reason, this manual helps you to show you that creating and managing your business can bring about a radical change in your future life.

Success does not have ready-made formulas, but those who have the knowledge, have much more chances to achieve it and gain a more important role in society. The current market situation is given through macroeconomic indicators but also by other public information bodies.

The market in Tirana is presented as a market with high dynamics and great opportunities in creating new businesses. Of course, these opportunities are related to different sectors such as services, food, etc. Purchasing power is a very important advantage to decide where to start your business.

Step I. How to find and evaluate a business idea through Business Models?

Current market situation to start a new business.

Especially market dynamics in the qualitative growth of products and services creates opportunities in the development of new Georgia Business Search that bring higher standards, competing with other existing merchants.

In Technological Terms

Today, technology has advanced greatly in the production of products/services for customers, as well as in the form of communication and negotiation with customers. Today, customers use their mobile phones, e-mails, websites, daily press or TV to get acquainted with the products and services of various companies, large and small.

Step II. How to create a practical business plan?

To get an idea of ​​how a business plan is prepared, you can get models that are usually offered by business development agencies, lending institutions, local government structures, and so on.

  • Cover and executive summary
  • Business description
  • Market analysis
  • Management plan
  • marketing plan
  • Financial plan

The financial plan describes the amount of money needed to start the business, how the business will be financed, and the expected outcomes. These include:

  • Financial statements
  • Income statement
  • Payment analysis
  • Designed cash flow
  • Capital equipment

Once the business plan has been finalized and the discarded information has been checked, seek advice from an expert (entrepreneur or bank officer) in advance. A business plan is a document that requires refreshment and is used as a management tool throughout the duration of the business.

Step III. How to finance a business plan?

Securing funds to finance your business plan is one of the biggest problems to be solved. The sources of funding are:

  • Personal savings
  • Selecting a business partner
  • Informal funding
  • Commercial credit

Step IV. What structure will I choose for my business?

The amount of business chosen for your venture can affect initial and operating costs. When choosing a structure for your enterprise you should consider:

  • The number of people participating in the business,
  • The role of each of the business partners and the opportunity to withdraw from the enterprise,
  • Necessary financial resources.

Regardless of the structure, you set up, you should be interested in whether you need a license to run your business and check what taxes you have to pay according to the structure you have selected.

It is a good idea to seek professional advice to address some of these issues. Business advice is provided by local chambers of commerce and business development agencies. Accountants, lawyers and bankers can help you choose the best form for your intermediary. The most common forms of enterprise are:

  • Ownership of the person
  • partnerships

Step V. Who will be the staff and how will you select it?

It is not enough to just choose employees. A deeper thought is required. Trusted advisors are needed, including lawyers, accountants, and security agents. A thoughtful choice could require hiring a virtual assistant, which would help you prepare the documentation for starting the business. If you are going to hire staff who will perform specific tasks, such as technologists, sales agents, etc., they must have the skills to meet the job requirements and must also be trained by you regarding the work processes to achieve the objectives you have set. in your business plan.

Step VI. How do I select my business placement?

Location selection is one of the most important decisions you need to make for your business. It includes a detailed analysis and assessment of the demographics of the area, the supply chain, the level of taxes and fees, and incentives of the area. These are the steps that will be considered during the search and planning of the business location:

  • Determining needs
  • Company Vision
  • competition
  • Business expansion forecasts
  • Safety
  • Zoning and regulations
  • Financing

Then, prepare documentation for starting their own business and register your business.

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