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No matter what physical or mental complaints are involved, if you are sick, you want to avoid getting out of bed and certainly not leaving your own four walls. The otherwise short and problem-free way to the nearest downtown Las Vegas dispensary then quickly becomes a difficult task. How convenient, on the other hand, it is to order the required medication online anytime and anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, or PC and to expect delivery to your door in a relaxed manner.

Until a few years ago, local Dispensary was the first point of contact when it came to medical care, but online Dispensary, also known as internet Dispensary or mail order Dispensary, has meanwhile become more and more serious competition.

As in other online shops, customers can select the desired products around the clock on the website of the online pharmacy, add them to the shopping cart, order, and then conveniently receive them straight to their home.

Satisfied online Dispensary customers

Online Dispensary statistics

The majority of respondents have already bought medication online.

Around 3,000 pharmacies in Las Vegas now have a mail order license; that is around seven percent of all stationary Dispensaries. And the online version of the pharmacy seems to be well received: According to an online survey commissioned by PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH.

Which was published in February 2019, 66 percent of the 1,000 people surveyed have already ordered Dispensary online, 48 percent order online more often.

According to a survey by the digital association Bitkom, 34 percent of online downtown Las Vegas dispensary customers regularly buy their medication online. This is probably mainly due to the good price-performance ratio of online Dispensary: According to the survey, 75 percent of customers are very satisfied with it, while another 18 percent are at least somewhat satisfied.

The situation is similarly good for the quality of the medication, which almost 70 percent of the customers surveyed find very good.

Below we explain all the advantages of online pharmacies as well as the most important criteria that you should consider when choosing. You will also learn, for example, how online recipe redemption works. Finally, we explain our test procedure in detail and explain how the candidates performed in the test in this procedure.

The advantages of the online pharmacy

Online Dispensary has meanwhile become a strong competitor to traditional local Dispensaries. This is not really surprising, after all, ordering medication from an online Dispensary has a number of advantages over buying from an on-site Dispensary.

The online Dispensary in price comparison

The biggest advantage of online Dispensary is the cheaper prices. Online medications are sometimes up to 50 percent cheaper than in-store Dispensaries. However, the price advantage is limited to over-the-counter medications, such as remedies for colds and flu infections.

For them, dispensaries have been determining prices themselves since the 2004 health care reform. In contrast, price-fixing still applies to prescription drugs within Las Vegas.

What is the Dispensary retail price?

The Dispensary sales price, AVP for short, is calculated from the Dispensary purchase price, i.e. the manufacturer’s price of the drug plus delivery, and a Dispensary surcharge. Added to this is VAT. In downtown Vegas, the AVP is the price at which a Dispensary bills a drug with the statutory health insurance.

If you order over-the-counter medication online, you can save a lot of money. However, shipping costs are usually added when buying from an Online downtown Las Vegas dispensary. In the online pharmacies in our test, however, they amount to a maximum of 3.95 euros and, depending on the provider, are completely eliminated from an order value of 10 to 20 euros.

Consumers who not only want to order a pack of headache tablets but also want to fill up their entire medicine chest, for example, should pay a price comparison because they can save money when buying medicines in an Online Dispensary.

Price advantage for prescription drugs from other EU countries

German mail-order Dispensary must adhere to fixed prices for prescription medicines, but this does not apply to online Dispensary from other European countries. In 2016, the European Court of Justice ruled that foreign mail-order dispensaries no longer have to comply with the drug price regulation (AMPreisV) when they send prescription drugs to downtown Vegas.

That is why some of these mail-order Dispensaries, such as the Dutch provider DocMorris, offer their customers prescription bonuses on prescription drugs. Depending on the manufacturer, customers can save up to 10 euros per medication pack.

Why is an online pharmacy so much cheaper?

Saving money is always good as a consumer, but not in terms of health. Therefore, of course, many are wondering how the cheaper prices of online Dispensary come about.

Volume discounts when shopping

Compared to the small on-site Dispensary, online pharmacies buy their medicines in larger quantities. In this way, they benefit from discounts from suppliers and can pass them on to their customers.

Greater catchment area and anonymity

On the one hand, an online Dispensary reaches more customers than a local branch, and this around the clock. On the other hand, an online shop offers more opportunities to browse and tempts with numerous offers, in addition, the anonymity of the Internet is more likely to lead to spontaneous purchases than the more difficult to see assortment and the activity in a local Dispensary.

Lower personnel costs

Trained specialists cost money. For personal customer care, a Dispensary on-site needs significantly more specialists than an online pharmacy, which can save money, which in turn has an impact on drug costs.

Cheaper store rental

A good location is extremely important for the local Dispensary. The shop rent is usually correspondingly high. In contrast, online Dispensaries are not dependent on a good location, but on a convincing website.

Purchasing: online or on-site

In addition to the price advantage, online Dispensaries are convincing with a particularly large assortment that local Dispensaries usually cannot keep up with. Search and filter functions on the website of the online Dispensary help users to keep an overview despite the wide range of offers and to always find the desired drug. In the chapter ” Finding the right online Dispensary”, we take a closer look at the range of online Dispensary.

Elderly customer waits at Dispensary

In addition to the classic version, the online pharmacy scores with continuous opening times and convenient delivery straight to your home. This benefits above all consumers who, due to lack of time or health reasons, are unable to visit the downtown Las Vegas dispensary on the corner during their opening hours, as well as those who do not have a classic Dispensary near their homes.

It is also more convenient to shop in the online pharmacy for people who prefer to buy drugs or other drugstore products anonymously and discreetly than with a listening queue in the back.

However, buying medication in the local Dispensary also has its advantages, especially when it comes to buying prescription medication. If you order them online, you have to present the original prescription as in the classic Dispensary, namely in letter form.

This is a little more complex than simply showing the prescription in the local Dispensary and, above all, it takes time. After all, the required medication will only be dispatched at the earliest when the online Dispensary has the prescription.

Anyone who needs their medication as quickly as possible is better advised anyway with the local Dispensary. Because shipping directly to your home is convenient, but it takes some time. Our orders in the online pharmacy test at the various online Dispensary took between two and eight days. Only two of the test candidates offer the possibility of same-day delivery.

Another reason to go to a classic Dispensary is for some consumers the advisory service. Those who prefer face-to-face advice, for example, to ask about side effects before buying, are at the right place in the local Dispensary.

If the advice does not necessarily have to be face to face, there are also plenty of advice options in the online Dispensary. We explain in more detail which is indispensable for a good online Dispensary under ” Find the right online Dispensary”.

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