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Best Jobs For Immigrants In Canada

At present, Canada is going through a period of severe labor shortages. The country is predominantly in need of skilled workers. Are you planning to move to Canada or you’ve just arrived in Canada?

Then, you’re possibly looking for the best jobs for immigrants in Canada. Since the beginning of this year, the Canadian government has created more than 34000 new jobs. It means Canada has opened its door to skilled immigrants.

Obviously, you are most welcome here. Your skill and experience won’t go in vain. But, which occupations are in demand for immigrants in Canada? Here we compiled a list with most demandable jobs in Canada. Read below to check the list.

Best Jobs for Immigrants in Canada

Canada is a country with a welcoming economy and lots of opportunities for immigrants. But, achieving success relies on your ability to identify the right jobs according to your skills.

The country has growing retirement rates, which creates a massive labor shortage. That’s why; the Canadian government is ready to lessen the problem by giving a chance to young skilled immigrants.

If you are a potential candidate, knowing about the excellent job opportunities can help. Here are a few leading jobs for immigrants in Canada.

1. Registered Nurse

As mentioned, Canada has a growing retirement rate, which means the number of senior citizens is increasing. The country needs more healthcare professionals to take care of senior citizens. That’s why they need for registered nurses are in demand.

That being said, the majority of nurses will become older in the coming years. So, there are enormous chances for skilled registered nurses in Canada. There are about 139,700 job openings for registered nurses. In some provinces like Ontario, it is one of the highest-paying jobs.

2. Sales Representative

A skilled sales representative can be the root of a successful business.  Every week, more than 8500 vacancies are posted on different online platforms. Click this post to more about bill of sale for making invoice of your products.The role of this job is to maintain communication and convince people to buy products.

A sales representative can make anything between $52000 and $64000. There are different NOC under this category;

  • NOC 6211- Retail Sales Supervisor
  • NOC 6221- Technical Sales Specialist
  • NOC 6222- Retail and Wholesale Buyers
  • NOC 6231- Insurance Agents and Brokers
  • NOC 6235- Financial Sales Representative

3. Truck Driver

Canada is a vast country where it is challenging to deliver goods from one place to another. That’s where the country needs a lot of truck drivers. The majority of truck drivers in Canada are not young adults.

In the coming years, there will be a massive shortage of truck drivers. If you want to get started quickly, you can choose this profession. There are about 135,900 truck driving vacancies available with a decent wage.

4. Accountant

The accountant profession is one of the most demanding jobs. It is more stable than most other jobs in Canada. Also, an accountant can make from $63000 to $75000. These two jobs come under this job category;

  • NOC 0111 – Financial Managers
  • NOC 1111 – Financial Auditors and Accountants

5. Dentists

Dentists can make a massive figure in Canada. The job requires a university degree from the reputed dental program. A dentist can make around $77000 with specialized training.

6. Engineering Projects Manager

An engineering project manager is essential to run construction projects smoothly. Due to the growing housing market, this job is highly in demand. Besides, the federal government is planning different infrastructure projects which require skilled EPM. An engineering project manager can expect a salary from $74000 to $92000.

7. IT Project Manager

The skill in technology is highly admired in Canada. An IT project manager can contribute to complex technology projects to help in business growth. The employers in Canada are ready to pay from $92000 to $114,000 to an IT project manager.

8. Welder

These days, Canada has immense growth in welding and fabrication sectors. With advanced SMAW and FCAW skills, one can make a good figure. There are more than 30000 job openings for skilled welders. It is in the highest demand in Nova Scotia.

9. Software Engineers

The mobile technology and telecommunication sector is driving the need for skilled software engineers. There will be more vacancies in the coming years. A software engineer can expect a brighter future in Canada. Currently, the country has about 18,600 job openings for software engineers. The median hourly wage of a software engineer is approximately $43.27.

10. Electrician

The need for skilled electricians is growing in Canada. A great number of electricians in Canada choose to retire, which made a huge shortage. With basic vocational training, you can choose this career. There are about 12500 job openings for electricians at present. You can expect around $33.50 hourly wage as an electrician.


Above, we’ve mentioned a few of the best jobs for immigrants in Canada. There are more on the list, like pharmacists, recruiter, pipefitter, veterinary technician, data scientist, etc. Do you have expertise and work experience in any of these jobs? If so, congratulations, Canada needs potential immigrants like you.

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