6 Things To Do Before The Movers And Packers Come

“Do you know the chores you need to complete before the movers come? Kindly read this blog now”.

When it comes to moving, most people panic and get confused as they have no idea of how to pack an entire house into boxes. Thus, they end up committing mistakes. If this is your first time, I am pretty sure you are one of them! But do not worry as in this blog, I am going to share some guidelines with you.

It is very important that you have your plan ready even before you start calling the movers and packers. You have to finish a few specific tasks before the professionals come into your house. Some of these tasks are downsizing the items, making sure that you have the floor plan of the new house ready, etc.

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If your movers in Chicago don’t come with boxes and packing materials, then you must collect the boxes from the local grocery store or supermarket. You can also ask your friends and family (who have recently moved) to give you some of their boxes. This way, you would be saving money as well as reducing waste materials. This is a great way to start with your move. However, if you don’t have access to used boxes, then you have to buy them before the movers come.

I am pretty sure that you would be getting in-house estimates from four to five companies. Before they hop into your house, it is your duty to get rid of items that you won’t be moving. This would ensure that you get accurate quotes from the respective movers and packers. I would ask you to start from your garage and attic and then move on to the bedroom and kitchen, etc. I hope this makes sense as getting the right estimate would also help you create the perfect budget.

Before your chosen Naperville moving company comes, you should also make sure that you have created a packing station for them. This is specifically important if you have kids and pets in your house. Do not allow them near the packing station as they can end up hurting themselves. I would suggest you get professional help who can take care of them while the movers can continue packing.

You should also get your apartment or house cleaned before the moving day. Sometimes, this is mandatory in order to get the full deposit money back. If this is the case, then you should get the rooms cleaned well in advance. It is always better to not wait for the last minute! You should stick to your moving calendar.

As mentioned, you should have the floor plan ready in your head so that you can share the same with your furniture movers Chicago. This way, they wouldn’t be clueless when they reach the new abode. They will know which furniture would go into which corner of the house.

If you have important documents in the house, then it would be better if you pack them by yourself. Instead of loading them into the truck with other items, carry these irreplaceable items with yourself in the car. This could include birth certificates, driving license, graduation certificates, doctor’s reports, etc. I would also suggest you pack the family heirlooms by yourself. 

So these are a few things that you need to do before the movers come to your house. These would ensure that you sign up for a peaceful relocation. All the best for your new journey! Thank me later for these tips and tricks.

Author Bio: Mia, a blogger on furniture movers Chicago, writes on the things to do before moving companies come. To know more about Naperville moving company, read her blogs and articles. 

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