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DesignEvo: A Feasible Choice For Getting Your Logo Online

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Even if you haven’t thought about it, you should know that it is possible to create your own logo. And you can do it for free. What matters if you are a website owner, an online store trader, the chances are that you will need your logo at some point is great. However, hiring a logo designer may not be a good choice for you.

Especially if this is your first online project or you just can’t afford it right now. Or just because you’re not looking for anything complicated but a cool and beautiful logo. This is where the DesignEvo logo maker in to get your hands. Therefore, this post will tell you everything you need to know about how DesignEvo works so you can easily customize the logo at no cost.

What is DesignEvo?


You can create the logo project in minutes. This online logo making service is friendly-to-use, as it has a very intuitive interface. Best of best, it requires no design skills to get professional-looking results.

The templates it offers are very creative, and they are classified in specific categories. In this way, customize your own brand with an incredible template is easy and straightforward. Thanks to DesignEvo, you can offer that added value to the product that will generate a positive impact and without investing much.

What are some key features DesignEvo provided?

10,000+ professionally designed logo templates are in various categories, such as Abstract, Animals, Business, Fashion, Sports, Medicine, Food, Travel, Technology, and more.
Many predefined shapes are available to select, such as Badge, Decoration, Lines, Solid shapes, Symbol, and Banner.
Hundreds of fonts with Bold, Modern(Sans), Traditional(Serif), Handwriting, and Funny could be used. Also, art fonts could be used in the kid industry.
Adjust the size, color, effects between them, alignment, capital, opacity, curved effect, and more to create a unique logo layout.
Adjust opacity and colors as you like & mirror effects for selected graphics.
Customize the background with a predefined solid color or add the custom color you want to use.
Redo/undo each step of your logo editing.
Managing layers for the selected object – move it forward or backward.
Feel free to move, resize, and rotate any objects to reach the final result.
Copy or delete any items at will.
Save your logo as JPG, PNG.
Share your logo via your favorite social media apps.

How does DesignEvo work for you?

It is also available for both iOS and Android. You just have to download and install to start using it. To make your logo online, you just need to search it on your browser, and then you just follow three simple steps to create the desired logo.

Step 1 Start from choosing the template

The easiest way to create your logo is to choose your own template. Thousands are available. Still, you can also create your logo from scratch by selecting an icon. To start press “Make a Free Logo” or “Start from scratch.”

Step 2 Input your brand information


Next is to enter the name and slogan of the company. In simple steps and you will go to your logo editing.

Step 3 Export your logo project

Next, you can choose the text font. You can make the desired settings here, such as text color, spacing, size and special effects. If necessary, you can add some new icons to apply on your logo, or reset your logo background color.

Little by little, you will be observing the results. This tool allows you to make the changes you consider until you are satisfied with the results. Finally, download the logo on your computer. Also, you’d better save your project on its cloud storage for future editing.


Overall, this tool will help you get started with logo design easily and quickly online without expensive computer software, in case you have started a new business or product and want some more of a logo that highlights the company’s style or your brand. If the logos in the basic free version do not satisfy you, then you can pay a small fee to get a high-resolution logo.

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