Information About The Dodocool AP Extender Setup

Dodocool extender is a wireless Wi-Fi range extender that helps in eliminating dead zones present within the range. This device claims to remove dead spots up to 100m of its coverage. This small device supports an impressive speed up to 300mbps. There is multi-level encryption which makes it more reliable, secure your data, and prevents unauthorized access. It is easy to set up this device, it takes 5-10 mins to do so. So let’s setup dodocool extender with easy steps.

Dodocool Extender Setup via WPS

For the dodocool extender setup via the WPS button, you need to follow the process.

  • Put your dodocool extender to external electrical supply and make sure it’s properly connected and switched to repeater mode.
  • Place the extender and router close to each other to avoid any interference in connection.
  • Once the LED light starts flashing it means the extender is ready to set up.
  • Press the WPS button present on the router for a few minutes and once it starts blinking it means it’s ready to connect.
  • Press the WPS button on dodocool wifi extender for 2 min. Light blinking shows that its connecting to the router signal.
  • When it gets connected the blinking lights will turn solid.
  • After connection, you place your extender to the desired place you want to plugin. Enjoy blazing internet speed.

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Dodocool Extender Setup Via Web Browser

Now you need to follow the information to set up your WiFi extender with the help of a web browser.

  • Plugin your Dodocool wifi range Extender and router to the power supply and place both devices in range to avoid any network connection problem.
  • After connecting the device to the outlet wait for a few seconds to get the device in starting state.
  • Open the Wi-Fi list in your Phone/PC and select network with name ‘WIRELESS-N’ or “Wireless AC”.
  • Now open the desired web browser on your connected device. In the address bar type or http://ap.setup and press enter.
  • Now a page will open asking Password and Username. Type ‘ admin ‘ as default password and username. Press the login button then.
  • Further, a Dodocool setup page will open. Find and select your host Wi-Fi network and type password and SSID and click the ‘Connect’
  • Now, wait for a progress bar to complete to 100% and wait further for about a few seconds for its reconfiguration and rebooting to be done.
  • When the LED light turns back to solid indicating a successful setup and connection.
  • Now connect to your Wi-Fi, enter a password, and start working with High-speed internet at every place.

Extender Setup an Access Point | Dodocool AP Setup

  • Connect your extender to the supply outlet and make sure it’s connected properly.
  • Toggle the switch to Access Point and now plug in the Ethernet cable of the router to the LAN port of the extender to connect both.
  • Connect the extenders default Wi-Fi network “WIRELESS-N” showing in the phone/PC Wi-Fi list.
  • Open the desired browser in the connected device and type “” or ap-setup in the address bar and press Enter.
  • An authentication page will open asking for Username and password. Type ‘admin’ in both fields as default and click ‘Login’.
  • On the next window, the Dodocool Extender setup page will open.
  • Create a new SSID, security type, and a new password.
  • Now, wait for the progress bar to reach 100% and wait further for around 50-60 seconds.
  • After reconfiguring and rebooting your dodocool Extender is now ready to work as Access Point
  • Connect your devices to the home network and it’s ready to work.


  1. Q) Where should I place my range extender device?
  2. A) It is always advisable to place your extender in the middle of your router and connection device, say computer or phone and it must be in the range of the wireless network.
  3. Q) Why do I need to have new firmware for my Dodocool Extender?
  4. A) The latest firmware enhances the functionality, speed, and performance of your device. It removes issues of devices present earlier there.
  5. Q) What can I do if the dodocool extender disconnects when connecting to the main router during setup?
  6. A) Try to change the wireless settings of the main router. You can also try reflashing the firmware of the router and the extender.

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