Is SEO Dead In 2020? 

SEO In 2020

The controversy about whether SEO works in 2020 or not is going on all across the globe. Most digital marketers are debating that SEO is useless because of the invention of platforms like Tiktok and digital PR.

More than five billion people search for products and services on Google every day. There also billions of blogs and websites on Google, and you can find much content on the same topic. For example, if you search about social media marketing, you will find several websites trying to answer this question.

In simple words, you can say that people will get to see many results. The same principle applies to other terms, such as hair loss. You can find tons of articles stating how to prevent hair loss and what could be the cause of hair loss.

In 2020, Google is also becoming an answer engine because when people make a query, Google shows them a direct answer instead of asking them to visit a website.

But since when Google started providing a direct answer to the search traffic of many websites decreased. The clicks for weather-related questions reduced from 45% to 7%. This trend has become very common, and most website owners are suffering. So can you say that SEO is dead in 2020?

The answer is the opposite.

SEO is not dead

A few people have a misconception that SEO is dead. If you are a business owner and wondering whether you should invest your hard-earned money in SEO or not, then you need to know that SEO strategies are still working. For more information, you can contact an SEO company.

Why do most people believe that SEO is dead?

SEO is tricky, and not every website owner succeeds in receiving organic traffic. By SEO, they mean email marketing with spammy emails. Those techniques don’t help them getting traffic, and they declare that SEO is dead.

SEO tactics involve many things, and increasing brand awareness is one of them. For SEO to work, the website owners need to properly understand the valid SEO strategies and how they can apply those strategies to increase the visibility of their website are.

Paid media is more effective

A few people declare that SEO is dead because they don’t succeed in properly applying SEO strategies for them. While a few website owners that paid media is more efficient as it helps them get effective and quick traffic. Paid media is a form of digital advertising and helps business owners quickly making others aware of their brand. The popular platforms where paid media is possible are YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

All about SEO

Imagining a world without the application of SEO is not possible. The number of internet users has doubled in the past ten years. Facebook has become a great and effective platform for entertainment and business. Earlier, the popular search engines like VLib and Archie could not search or provide links. They were like a virtual library. There were not any ranking between websites because there was not enough competition.

But when the search engine started providing a specific rank to websites, the digital world started evolving. SEO techniques were also evolving at that time. If you understand how the digital world has evolved, you will face no difficulty in understanding how SEO works today.

If you look at SEO, you would feel it’s quite simple, but when you start applying SEO strategies, you will face the complications. The search engine is continuously evolving, and Google keeps updating the Algorithm. It has recently introduced RankBrain and BERT. The future of SEO is bright and brilliant.

Apply SEO strategies properly

Instead of thinking that SEO is dead, you need to understand how you can avoid defunct SEO techniques. You must find out why the SEO techniques you are applying is not working. You need to be aware of the updates of Google, and it’s Algorithm.

There are high chances that the techniques you are applying are no longer useful or outdated. The outdated methods can also destroy the reputation of your brand. You must try to get natural backlinks and spend time on the SEO tactics.

Is SEO worth the hard work and efforts in 2020?

SEO is not dead, and SEO would never be gone as long as there is the internet. However, the SEO techniques and tactics would keep updating from time to time, and SEO will be evolving. Becoming aware of the changes in Google’s Algorithm and seeking solutions to receive traffic help the website owners in getting success. Google loves the brand, and you need to be cautious about your brand image.

If you hate social media platforms, then you should know that these platforms have become a hub of marketing. You must promote your website content and brand on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. And promoting content on social media is an off-page SEO strategy. SEO is worth the time and effort in 2020 and will always be. However, it’s strategies and tactics will keep updating now and then.

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