Things To Do For Youtubers During Quarantine

Youtubers During Quarantine! I know many YouTubers who travel around the world and make smart travelogues to influence their audience on youtube. Thi time could be the toughest time for them to spend their maximum time at home and doing nothing. I’m also a YouTuber and finding the Cheap Holidays to Morocco for this summer to get some content for my youtube.

But as we all are in quarantine, what should we do for our youtube channels? There are many things that we can opt for and influence our audiences. This blog offers you the ideas to make videos about and upload on your youtube channel this quarantine period.

Things to do For you during Quarantine:

Here I’m listing some of the interesting ideas for the youtube videos. You are creative and a hard-working YouTuber I’m sure, but this time it is a challenge for you to make content from home. Let’s go through some of the creative ideas.

Make a Cooking Blog:

It is a useful and very tested idea. People on youtube are searching for the cooking recipes and you will add some of the new and unique dish cooking process with little humor and your touch.

I have learned at least 10 dishes as yet and made a blog of those all 10 classes. I got a good audience on youtube. You can also do the same in your kitchen and make your favorite dish. Try something new this time. When I started, I tried the Moroccan dish Tagine to make. It is a unique thing people got to know to cook. You also can try Arabian dishes, European, and most importantly Italian and French dishes.

Blog on Future Plans and Past Experiences:

Now this one is creative. You can go with the memories you have got in your past experiences and the one you are going to do in the future. Recalling the memories and the memories behind those experiences would be cool for your audiences.

You can also ask them to share their memories in the shape of comments and making new blogs. This can be a trend maybe. Try to add a lot of humor in this blog so you can gather the attention of your audiences on youtube. The nature of the audience on youtube is different, they like light content and want to enjoy their moments. Youtube is a means of entertainment.

Series – Drama Review:

I could see many of the YouTubers doing this these days and it works. People are more interested in watching series and dramas these days. You might also be watching the series of your choice. You should make a review blog on your favorite series.

I watched “The Pianist”, “The Dark Knight” and many other movies along with the series and made their review now available on my youtube channel. I have watched many of my fellow YouTubers doing the same. What you should do is to keep your audience engaged with common thoughts and interests. The Youtube audience is very engaging and likes the content, makers to make something good for them. You have to be a little sensitive about the content you are making for them.

You can Guide People about COVID-19:

You can guide your audience about the threat of COVID-19 and that is trending these days. The celebrities and journalists are making people aware of the situation amid coronavirus and advising them to take extra care.

You can also jump in to make an informational blog about the COVID-19. I hope you will do that better. What you have to understand that, don’t spread panic and fake news. The youtube and other platforms are very strict to take notice against any such source of information.

Gardening – The unique Idea:

You can make a blog taking care of the plants in your garden. Watering Plants have a very good impact on your audiences and they will inspire to do the same in their homes. It would be a social service too.

I have made a blog in which the kids were also involved in the activity and we all were planting and watering the plants. I hope many of the kids could have seen the video and had impacted something good in their life. They could have learned from us and could be doing the same in their homes.

Live Sessions with your Friends:

This is an interactive type of thing you can make on youtube. Going live on youtube is a very interactive and friendly thing. So take your friends to live on youtube to talk about the current situation. Ask them about their activities in the quarantine and how they manage to get rid of the boring time.

You can also manage to interview a celebrity this way. I guess you have learned a lot from this very interesting blog today. Did you?

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