The Best 5 Tools For Creating Logo Online

Best Tools For Creating Logo

Tools For Logo! If you have a company, or thinking about opening your business or, are building your websites or blogs then you surely need to get a logo that identifies you. Many companies handle logo design, but if you are a bit creative, and have imagination, you can create your logo easily and much cheaper. Next, this post is going to show some of the best websites to create free logos.

Some specialists in logo design or marketing recommend designing an easily identifiable logo. In other words, anyone who has seen your logo can remember your logo unconsciously. Having said that and taking into account that there is nothing specific standard about tastes, each one can give free rein to their imagination and creativity to design the logo they like best.

Now, let get down to business to check The best websites to create free logos easily.

The list: the top 5 online logo maker Tools


DesignEvo is a site wherein 3 easy steps that you will be able to create logos for free. The first you should do is visit the website and then have your account, though you can register later.

The only thing you have to do now is choosing the template that you like the most. It may not be easy because, in certain categories, there are many options that it will give you, and finally, you can edit it to customize it to our liking. In this step, you will be able to change the position of the elements of our logo, the color, and type of text, background colors of the logo, etc.

With everything ready for your liking, you can already save and download it to your computer to start using them where you need it. It is a user-friendly tool with enough design resources.


Another interesting place to create and design logos for free is LogoTypeMaker. A website where you first have to do is indicate the name of our company or business and then click on Get Started and a page will quickly appear where you can choose from a lot of designs.

At the top, you will find a field with the name of our company, which you can edit, along with a button that allows us to generate more logo designs. On the left, there is a simple menu where you will find the Gallery, Search, Color, and Wish List options.

If we click on Gallery, you will see how a lot of categories will be shown to us so that you can select the one that best suits your activity. Those designs that you like the most can be added to your favorites list. Of course, just before you can edit the selected logo, is when the logotype maker will ask us to register to continue.

Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo Generator, since step by step, will allow you to make your own logo design instead of choosing between several premade templates. First, you will have to select the basic shape of your logo and then you will add text and other elements that the tool offered until you create a logo to your liking.

Without a doubt, it is an online editor where you can use shapes, texts, and colors to create free logos quickly and easily with a fairly professional result. With the logo created to our liking, Hipster allows you to download the image in png format completely free of charge once you accept the terms of use of the site.


LogoFactoryweb is another web-based tool where you do not need to register to design your logo free. As soon as you click on Test Now, the site editor will automatically appear. There you will see a default example, on which you will be able to create your logo. By clicking on the image that is shown in the editor, you will access the entire list of images available on the site.

The controls displayed below the editor can also change the company name, font type, size, format, color, alignment, horizontal and vertical letter spacing, etc. Once you have the design finished, all we have to do is click on the button and indicate whether you want to download the image directly or want to receive the logo in your email address and subscribe to the site’s newsletter.


Last but not least, Canva could not be missing. It is one of the most used online logo design sites for free. With it, you can not only make logo designs but also allow us to create your own posters, presentations, covers, etc.

for logo design, you can choose to create a logo design and the Canva editor will automatically be loaded. On the left bar, you will get the options to select templates, photos, elements, text, background, etc. Within the Templates section, you can find art and design logo designs, fashion, for the band, computer, gastronomy, sports, etc.

You can select the logo sample that you like the most within the category that best suits your activity and it will automatically be loaded in the editor.

From there, you will be able to customize each of the elements of the chosen design to create a logo for your liking. Once finished, you can download it for free.


As you have just seen, you see that there are alternatives for all the needs to create an online logo very quickly, easily, and cheaply. And since most of them are either free or only require a small amount to get your logo in high resolution.

These online logo creation tools help you customize a logo based on your design needs. Compare the various design tools that we have shown you and choose the one that best suits the creation of your logo design.

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