Can Technology Help To Maintain Social Distancing At Hospitals?

India Is growing by economy and infrastructure, the medical profession and related facilities are becoming efficient, modernizing, and advancing in terms of technology and providing world-class medical treatments. We have specific and micro expertise medical doctors available at hospitals.

And now the giant corporations have gotten involved in the medical treatment profession and started their branded hospitals. Indian people are used to imagining and accepting to stay in the queue when usually go to the hospitals we have seen at very common such situational phenomenon,

Hence DINGG comes to the brighter solution of this challenge and we are associating with small, midsize, and large hospitals with the DINGG platform and we are working as facilitators for these hospitals to resolve their challenge to manage all doctors booking.

  • Time management of Hospital while working 24/7/365 duration
  • Sorting and allocating time of doctors time to the demanded patients
  • Managing payments, bills and invoices and handover to patients
  • Have a success story with zero mistake management
  • Manage waiting room patients queue with a certain time frame

DINGG is focusing on hospitals to associate with these above challenges and we have an online payment module with appointment fixing and booking with hospitals. Patients don’t need to stand in a queue and they can have certain time appointments only hence they can visit exactly on time and have the best deal on booking of discounts and coupons with other options available on the DINGG app.

Patients have problems like sickness, uneasy mindset, and feeling unwell. At that time nobody wants to stand or sit in a queue and can pay bills amount for such waiting of the same. India is a growing country but we are having the same old fashion attitude about time management and can stand or sit to wait to get an appointment while visiting hospitals.

DINGG is a queue and booking management platform with unique features as below:

  • Easy, efficient and save time
  • DINGG application is simple and efficient for hospital booking the appointment
  • DINGG is a beautiful and useful application
  • Best application to do branding for the hospital in terms of area, city, and region
  • We encourage medical tourism with unique facilities for NRI booking of appointment

We have a management team that is constantly working with small, midsize, and, large size hospitals to associate with DINGG and putting their prestigious brand name of the hospital on our brand. We are a committed technical and marketing team that has a certain vision, mission, and core competence with making India and want to participate in the growing economy.

DINGG is an application that has the best features to make the life better, easy, and simple. We have daily challenges to get appointments with doctors, clinics, and hospitals. We just come up with no more waiting and sitting in a queue philosophy and can better pay for each appointment.

Creating complexity is easy but creating simplicity is very difficult these days in the world. DINGG is the best innovation in your town. Get this app now and refer to the download steps.

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