How COVID-19 Can Revive A Healthier Global Hospitality Industry? 


The COVID-19 or Coronavirus today is universally bringing the status of a pandemic and has ushered to a worldwide crisis with its impact on the hospitality industry potentially bigger than those of SARS, 9/11, and the financial crisis that happened in 2008.

Today, the hospitality industry has never experienced an unexpected downside. Humans are placed at the core of the situation, where the virus creates intense fear, confusion, and affects us in a strongly emotional way that this generation has never experienced. Plus, above that, being is physically confined inside the home is antagonizing the situation. 

On a business level, what about the hospitality and in particular the hotel industry itself? There plenty of things that have been written already about how travel and tourism will be irreversibly changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since a lot of travelers and vacationers are prepared and willing to change their habits, so the hotel industry must look to remold its practices for the future. Here’s what will happen to the global hospitality industry due to the impact of COVID-19. 

Take a New Approach

The toughest situation that the industry can possibly face is how hotels today will require fresh solutions to the current challenges. Hotel management cannot easily say and fall back on “we’ve always settled it this way”. In the post-COVID-19 marketplace, there are limited various approaches and attitudes that will triumph. 

Different But Improved Leadership 

When hotel accommodations open again, the very first thing to be reassessed is the needs of staffing, operational procedures and assure their guests to come back sooner than later. Most importantly, recover lost income, restart cash flow, and pay attention to the quickest returns on investment. 

Managers will need to adjust to the new situation with new-found speed. Hotel managers will not stay in the back office anymore. They have to be multifaceted: even more available throughout the hotel, looking out for guests and staff, organizing their teams, coaching/ teaching, and leading by example.

In this new set of lower hotel occupancies and reduced income, one role per employee has turned into an unaffordable luxury. Staff must be trained to apply a wider range of disciplines. Managers must stress the positive facets of this: employees can have fun doing various works and obtain a bigger range of experience to help them progress their careers.

Also, innovative and cost-efficient business models will be required for operations, marketing, sales, revenue management, and distribution techniques. 

Teams Should be Motivated


Hotel businesses who have decided to lay off the majority of their employees will find it more complicated and costly to recruit the skilled talent they need as the market recovers. Contrarily, firms who have dismissed as many employees as they can to provide them with some level of security can expect deep loyalty and restored commitment.

So hotel industries must identify their core people and work hard to keep them.  Hotels must invest in their most talented employees like giving them cross-training or encouraging them.

The hotel’s immediate future will definitely have fewer staff, and together with their manager, they must all be ready to use new skills. Great leaders and managers should stay connected and communicate daily with their employees, sharing objectives, and establishing a sense of hope for the future. 

Positive Image and Perception of the Public

Many hotels today have done great and positive actions in response to the crisis. In the unavailability of paying customers, several hotels have opened their rooms to help isolate patients who are not critically sick, relieving the burden on hospitals.

Some even welcome homeless people, who are also very vulnerable to the virus. Others maintained their kitchens running, to help sustain emergency workers who haven’t had time to get or cook food for themselves. 

These compassionate actions are displaying a spirit of charity which can mean that these businesses are greater perceived by potential guests. But those who have been aloof and uncooperative during the pandemic will discover that empathy and honesty are important, and guests and employees have lasting memories.  

Look at the Positive in Everything

In reality, the pandemic cannot be disregarded or wished away. For the whole hotel industry and their employees, this time should be seen as a reason and motivation to developed brand new skills and become more valued and salable, as versatile, hand-on, and clever individuals. 

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