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OgyMogy!! Yesterday I was in the metro and heard about a sad incident. Two strangers were  discussing their neighborhood incident.,where a teen lied to her parents about where she was going and got into an accident. They were discussing how stressful and frustrating it was to track down their child’s location when a stranger called on their landline and told them about the accident.

They told them to reach the nearby hospital emergency. And how it took them hours to know that she was out of the station. The Girl was supposed to come back in the evening with friends. They were there for a school project activity. The girl was worried that the parents will not allow her to go for the day trip.

So she just lied about being at a friend’s place and went thinking she will be back by 6 and nobody will know. They were gossiping about the ill-mannered child who disobeys her parents and lies to them and in the end got in trouble.

My station was approaching so I inquired about the girl’s safety and jokingly ask them whether they know where their kids are right at the moment. In response, they just blankly stare at the total random stranger who was eavesdropping on their conversation.

Parents these days are over strict and they have every absolute reason to be like that. They know more than us about life experiences. They want to make sure their child never have any hunting experience. Life these days is fast and hectic. The crime rate is increasing day by day.

We don’t know the stranger to whom we are randomly talking to on the internet might be an obsessed stalker. Or the new transfer student is a habitual bully who has anger management issues.

This and many other related issues are the real cause behind the anxiousness of parents. As a parent are you embarrassed about the fact that you call your kid every hour to check on them? Or you are ashamed of even thinking about seizing your child tab laptop to monitor his activities.

Are you worried that your child might as well be lying to you about something or they may be getting harassed or bullied at their school and hiding all that from you? Well, you need to stop overthinking or your head might explode like a pressure cooker.

Take a deep breath, we have got your back. Now no need of getting worried about your child whereabouts as we have a solution to all your problems. It’s simple to get OgyMogy. That’s right OgyMogy can help you to keep an eye on your child.

With OgyMogy is a spy app which is built for monitoring purpose. You need to follow simple steps to install OgyMogy app on the android phone of the target person.OgyMogy is built for the mac and windows systems too. Thus simply install the kids monitoring app and be worry-free as it will do all the work for you and give you complete remote access to the target phone.

  • OgyMogy has this unique and powerful feature of tracking the location of the target person. With GPS tracking feature you will know the exact location right at the moment. That’s right it shares the live location of the target person through his android phone.
  • It will give you remote access through online control over the control panel thus will give you alert about the position of the target virtually.
  • Thus without letting your child know you can track them easily on google map with the help of the OgyMogy location tracking app.
  • Now you can secretly spy on your kid and will know all their hideouts with the help of location tracking.OgyMogy will ensure that your child is at a safe place.
  • You can simply mark a safe and restricted zone on the google map. Thus whenever your child will leave the safe zone for example school or friends spot etc you will get notified immediately. Similarly, an entry in the restricted zone will also be reported in real-time with the help of OgyMogy software.
  • You can also keep a record of seven days history of all the location visited by your child with OgyMogy

Now get relax and stop making over exaggerative stories in the mind about your child whereabouts. Just get OgyMogy and make your life easier and stress-free.

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