Bad Writing Habits You Need To Break As A Writer

Writing is an art form of expressing one’s ideas. When you use words rightly.  You will make a good impression on your audience. But using words wrongly is one of the bad writing habits. That makes your writing awful and uninteresting to your readers.

So what exactly are bad writing habits?

Bad writing habits are writing practice we writers indulge in that makes us less productive.  Even sometimes makes us regret ever taking up writing as a job.

Yes, If you are a blogger. Writing is your job. If you don’t take writing as your job. Then you are doing everything wrong. Not just wrong, but wrong enough to quit blogging now.

Sorry for twisting your emotions. But that’s one of the many blogging secrets you need to know. You have to write until you successfully make a reasonable impact on your audiences.  In other to build trust that can convert to sales.

Whooop!  Let’s get a bit detail on this discussion on what bad writing habits we need to break as writers.

What are does bad writing habits will need to stop?

Let’s gives ourselves some relief by discussing those bad writing habits every writer must break to succeed as a blogger.

1. Copying other people’s articles.

This is one of the most dangerous bad writing habits any writer can ever practice. It feels cool to indulge in this. Until you hit your doomsday. You will never realize it.

Do you know what will happen to you?

It will reduce your value as a writer. Why a copied version of the original can never perform better than the original.

Don’t get yourself deceived. That with good SEO you can make a great difference out of it as a blogger. It will surely bounce back on you one day. When you copy directly other writers’ works you will never have a unique opinion of your own.

Because you don’t have any unique believe to uphold as a writer. Therefore you will find it difficult to voice out your opinion as a writer.

Why will this happen to you?

It will happen because you don’t even know why your opinion matters as a writer in the first place.

And being a writer that doesn’t know why his or her opinion matters as a blogger. Will make you find it difficult to have a vision for building a unique learning community for your audience.

If you have never heard of this. Uniqueness is the key to good writing and it all begins with one unique sentence of yours.

2. Using vague language in your writing.

Vague language makes your writing hard for your audience to comprehend. You should know that no reader is interested in solving any puzzle to get an answer to there queries.

You have to be simple and clear in your choice of words for presenting your ideas to your readers. If you don’t know. Simplicity is the key to a better comprehension of your writing. I know you won’t want your readers to be confused about what they are reading.

If you want to get better with your piece. You have to learn to use the right words to explain the right ideas in your article. Messing around with words is a bad writing habit. Which will make your writing too complicated for your readers to understand.

3. Making your paragraph very long.

It is another killer element that can undermine your readers’ comprehension of your ideas. If you want to communicate your ideas to your audience the right way. Keep their eyes glued to the paragraphs of your article.

It is very good to write a short and descriptive paragraph. Avoid using irrelevant words in your sentences. If a word doesn’t help your readers to understand your point in a sentence. The best thing to do is to trash it off.

Don’t pack up unnecessary words in your sentences. It is meaningless and won’t help you to communicate your ideas to your audiences rightly.

4. Using a poor opening sentence in your paragraph.

Writing a poor opening sentence is one of the bad writing habits many writers don’t realize. Yes, poor opening sentences in your paragraph could make you lose your audience’s attention to read further.

If your opening sentence isn’t doing the job of grabbing your audience’s attention to read further. It is a very bad one and you need to replace it for effective engagement.

Because if your article isn’t engaging. Your reader might leave before getting the good ideas you have packed up for them to help them solve their problem.

5. Procrastinating about when to start.

If you have to be procrastinating. You have to stop it now. Procrastinating is a very bad writing habit. It can limit your writing potentials.

It even makes you feel unqualified to even when you know so much about that topic you want to write. Don’t let the thought of always doing things the best time demote you. You have to know that the best time to do anything is now.

Everyday will always be tomorrow.  So what is it that is keeping you from putting down those beautiful ideas of yours on the screen for your readers to peruse it and send you welcoming comments.

6. Poor punctuation of your sentence.

All writers have their own weaknesses. Poor punctuation could be one of those bad writing habits you need to battle with to put your ideas clear to your audiences.

How do you get this right?

The only way to improve this is to do this.

  • Read good articles daily.
  • Take note of how those writers use their punctuation marks.
  • Try to apply it also to your writing to see how it looks.

Don’t just live in that unrealistic world that you can’t do anything rightly. You can do something about it. Just by starting with your first draft, revise it until it gets well.

7. You think about your first draft too much.

This isn’t good for you as a writer. If you have to be worrying too much about perfecting your writing immediately with your first draft.

You are getting things wrong. Your first draft is a rough arrangement of your ideas. Worrying too much about it is a bad writing habit you need to avoid. Because if you don’t.  It can hinder your ideas flow while writing.

8. Editing as you write.

Don’t edit as you go. The best way to write is to put down all the ideas you have on your head. Right on your text editor first. If you are that type of person that is too picky about spelling errors. You will miss out on your normal ideas flow. Which is not good for you as a writer.

For this reason, it is a bad writing habit to edit as you write. If you have been indulging in this practice. It is high time you stop it. And embrace the fact that you can be better with your writing without doing those silly things.

No one is going to see your first draft. Your readers aren’t interested in much either. What your readers want to read is a well-written article that help them solve their problem.

9. Giving up before you even start.

Don’t get too disturbed about when you are going to complete your work. If you do, it is a very bad writing habit you have to break now. In other to become a better writer. You don’t need to think about how long it will take you. Just make a good time frame you believe you can finish your work. Start writing immediately.

Only pay attention to what is necessary while writing. Don’t let your focus roam about. Thinking of other unnecessary things like your social media notification and messages. They won’t run away from your phones. You can always get to check them later.

Focus on your writing. If you want to write a unique article that helps your blog audience solve their problem.

Now it is time to ask you a few questions.

What do you think are those bad writing habits writers must avoid?

How do you think they can be avoided?

I will like you to share your own opinion with us here. Your opinions are all welcome. Voice it out now through the comment section below.

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