Visit Stunning Attractions In Taiwan With Emirates

Stunning Attractions In Taiwan

Taiwan is located to the southeast of China and is one of the most vibrant countries in the world. Its cities are filled with lively night markets, gorgeous old temples, and historical museums. When it comes to the scenic places in Taiwan, visitors are spoiled for choice.

The country is so rich culturally that one life is not enough to explore all of its places. The incredible natural beauty of the country allures tourists from all across the globe.

The country has severe clashes with China, which says that Taiwan is its part. However, the people of Taiwan are friendly and uphold democratic traditions. In our today’s piece, we will tell the readers about the most stunning places in Taiwan. Let’s dive in.

1. Wulai

Wulai is located in the southern part of New Taipei City and is known all over the country for its hot springs. Wulai is another popular tourist attraction that is flooded by the people to experience its warm waters, learn about the culture of indigenous Atayal people, and explore the amazingly attractive natural places.

The place offers a number of outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, and camping along the delightful river. Not only that, but you can also buy the local crafts and art pieces, which you can showcase in your homes. So, if you come to Taiwan with Emirates Airline deals, never forget to wallow in the hot waters of Wulai.

2. Alishan National Scenic Area

Alishan National Scenic Area is a wild place that hosts over 25 mountains. All the mountains here have a height of 2000 meters or more. You should definitely immerse yourself in the magical affair of hills, waterfalls, and valleys. Moreover, the scenery of the area is so mesmerizing that it will stay in your memory for several years to come.

You can also hike along the paths and trails that will take you to the perfect viewpoints of the hills. In order to explore all the spots in one go, you should prefer taking the Alishan Forest Railway, which will take you to the circular paths of the forests.

3. Kinmen Islands

Located between China and Taiwan, this group of islands is known for a bloody battle between Communists and Nationalists in 1949. People generally come here to explore how the two sides fought with each other. Apart from historical perspectives, the islands also offer lovely scenes, bright flowers, and natural wonders.

Kinmen National Park is the most popular park where you can enjoy the greenery and the sight of rare animals. In addition, tourists will also have the chance to go to a number of wonderful beaches. You must visit this place in order to see the natural beauty of Taiwan up-close.

4. Shilin Night Market

Shillin Night Market is another hotspot of Taipei city. People come to this market to get the real slice of the local life of Taiwan. It is basically a night market that focuses on offering delicious street food. After the sunset, the market becomes immensely crowded by the people who want to try some fried dishes and sweet desserts.

The vendors here try to charge higher from the foreign tourists, so never forget to bargain before ordering the meals. Apart from the delectable meals, you can also enjoy arcade games and vintage cassettes.

5. Rainbow Village

If you are obsessed with watching the colorful streets and building, the Rainbow Village in Taiwan is here for you. The place has a plethora of colorful exhibits and buildings, which compel every type of tourist to have a glimpse over it. Exploring the streets of this village is certainly the most important part of the tourism culture of Taiwan. All the walls here have unique patterns and designs of birds, animals, and famous personalities.

The idea of this village was conceived by a former soldier Huang Yung-Fu, who tried to revamp the old buildings by painting them with colorful objects. You should prefer booking the cheap flights tickets in advance if you want to save money during your visit to Rainbow Village.

6. Sun Moon Lake

The name of this lake is delightful, isn’t it? You will be surprised to know that this lake is the largest body of water in the country. Not only that, but it is also a famous tourist attraction for the local as well as foreign tourists. Amazingly, you would not have to worry about the accommodation here because there are lots of restaurants, shops, and bars that will cater to all of your needs.

Sailing on the lake, riding the bike near the hills, and boating along the waters are the most cherished outdoor activities here. Lastly, you can also head to the nearby temples to get some spirituality.

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