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How To Start A Travel Blog

The most difficult, but most important first step when you think of how to start a travel blog is to choose the right name.

How can you abbreviate your brand and message in an abbreviation?

And I recommend you make it short and memorable. The name of your travel blog is what people will refine as you and how they will do you. If it is long-winded and difficult to remember, they are forgotten, which means less organic travel and shares.

Start your blog with planning

Starting a travel blog without any planning can mean that you can do everything from branding to messaging to communicate to site design.

A brainstorm, a mind map, and your thoughts on what you want to create to represent your travel blog.

Before you begin, consider a few things:

What are your message and subject?

Who are you serving and how can you help them?

What kind of content can you write for your community? (Start list)

What is your brand and how can you show it through your images, content, site design, and communication?

As a hobby or profession, starting a travel blog is very easy. You can set it within 30 minutes. I found it very easy when I started my blog in 2008 when I didn’t know the first thing about creating a website. Luckily, on my adventures around the world, I met Matt and Kat, a British couple who also happened to be web designers.

When I came home and decided I wanted to start this travel blog, they agreed to set me up and help me learn HTML. Next, I hand-coded the website and Dreamweaver used a funky Tul to build it. It was tainted with pain, and I was not very good at it. (And my original website was really ugly!)

Luckily, you no longer need to create that kind of website. They have gotten much easier and simpler thanks to Word Carrier, a simple out-of-the-box platform designed to make sites easier for those who are not technically savvy (such as yourself ).

It has the power of over 25% of the internet and is the best platform to start a blog. It is super flexible and can do whatever you want to do – from a simple magazine to a complex e-commerce website.

Create a name that will run – if you choose “.com” and then you leave Asia, the domain name will have no meaning. Make sure you choose a name that is not so focused that if you decide to shift gears, you can keep the same domain name.

Do not date your blog – do not choose anything related to your age. The “twenty-something journey” actually becomes irrelevant when you grow up, which is actually a blogger I know. Choose a name that can be used for your age!

Try to avoid words like “itinerant,” “vagabond,” “wandering,” and “adventure.” They have been done to death, and they will make you feel like you are copying people, not the original.

Choose a name that tells you as much as possible – I was a nomad, so “Nomad Matt” was the best for me. If you are into luxury, put words in your domain name that express it. You want people to see the name and “I think that’s what the website is about.”

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List Of World’s Top 5 Blog

The Shooting Star

Blog Owner: Shivaya Nath

Starting In: 2011

Shining like a shooting star, Shivya Nath presents an example for all the travel lovers who love to explore the world. Shivya loves living a nomadic life, exploring the various colors of the world. If you want to learn something new then you have to test your abilities and let yourself go.

His travel blog star The Shooting Star has gained a lot of attention for the feats he has done. Be it stories of her captivating journey or amazing scenery, Shivya is truly an inspiration.

Coming Countries: More than 30

Travel Tip: Go slow. Everything becomes cheaper and more immersive – and a strange place feels like home. Isn’t this all travel?

One way ticket destination: I am currently living in a small Mayan village on the banks of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. There are 3 volcanoes in my apartment and a swing in my apartment. I think I can stay here forever!

Laxmi Sharath

Blog Owner: Laxmi Sharath

Starting In: 2005

A storyteller, a traveler, travel blogger, writer, digital influencer, content expert, media professional and photographer.

And she believes that a Rolling Stone actually gathers moss.

Travel blogger

After 15 years of sitting near a desk in several media organizations, I decided to travel and see the world. I have covered five continents and done for more than 25 countries and my passion is also in exploring the nook of India.

The blog was born in 2005 as a platform to share my birth experiences. What started as a passion eventually became a profession and I lived in more than five continents and over 25 countries and traveled widely within India.

The blog has received many accolades, including Indiabolises-India Best Travel Blog of the Year. It has been rated among the top travel bloggers in India and several lists of digital media influencers in the country. I have worked with over fifty clients including tourism boards, airlines, and hospitality partners, travel sites, technology and mobile clients, auto and lifestyle brands.

Mysterious Trip

Blog Owner: Ankit Sethi 

Starting In: 2017

The discovery of new things about these unusual places has surprised all of us.

Since the world is filled with extraordinary places with outrageous histories, even scientists cannot explain the reason behind such an event. And where there is a mystery, there is America!

We fulfill the fascination with the unknown for all of you. And sometimes, the attraction to the unknown pushes many travelers to some of the world’s most troubled corners.

In places that are isolated from a disgusting or cruel past, it is believed that the souls of those who have left this world have long since been troubled.

Other places are land or resting places that crave the continuity of meditation and life and the constant flow of time. Regardless, from their origins, each of these haunted places has exacerbated supernatural or mysterious statuses – and attracts curious, one curious adventure-hunter after another. The mysterious journey is what adventure-seekers want.

Hippie in Heels

Blog Owner: Rachel Jones

If you are determined to achieve this then nothing can stop you from chasing your dreams. An American by birth, Rachel Jones left her nursing for Goa beaches. It is said that when calling the beaches, you have to stay there and Rachel will not stop herself from it.

Currently living in Goa, Rachel’s blog ie Hippies in Heels’ has shared many amazing stories from different places around the world.

Countries Visited: 35

Travel tip: Hamming has now become second nature in hundreds of more markets and it is something you learn from experience… It is different in every country and when you travel you can find some amazing treasures.

One way ticket destination: Israel is amazing and so multicultural.

A Broken Backpack

Blog owner: Melissa

Melissa is a Canadian doll. He has no filter and is such a warm-hearted person.

You have to catch it on Snapchat or Youtube. He is either obsolete, although SE travels to Asia or shares his journey with the Shenanigans.

He is a talented man and has truly proved that hard work pays off.

Melissa has been published on the Huffington Post, The Matador Network, Thought Catalog, and others. She is a true female backpacker and inspiration!

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