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Dog Bed – How To Choose A Perfect Bed For Your Dog?

The bed, like the bowl, is the first product you buy when you adopt a dog. But do you know which is more suitable? Is it a round or square bed? A mattress or a blanket? There are certain parameters to take into account to select the best bed for your dog. Therefore, in this article, we answer these questions so that you know how to choose a bed for your dog.

The dog’s basket is essential to ensure its integration into its new home because it will become its den, its favorite corner in the house. Remember that your dog should not sleep in your bed with you but on his own. This choice is important for your dog.

The size of your dog is a must when you have to choose a bed. Because a bed that is too small will be uncomfortable, and too large, it will not provide the security and warmth that your dog needs. However, do not trust the size of your dog when he is still a puppy, you must think about his adult size, otherwise, when he has grown up, and you will have to change the bed.

When you choose a bed based on the adult size of your puppy, you will see that it is huge. Do not worry, there is a simple solution to make your puppy feel protected, you can fill it with cushions. That way he will feel wrapped up and comfortable. Buy Pet Beds

The way to sleep your dog is as important as its size. So watch him to see if he sleeps curled up or stretched. When you know this, you need to measure your dog in his sleeping position, to choose the bed that best suits his needs. How? ‘Or’ What? It is very simple. If he sleeps curled up, measure him from the tail to the nape of the neck. If he sleeps spread out you will have to do it from the head. In both cases add 10 cm at each end for more security.

And if your dog does not have a fixed sleeping position, but he changes it often, measures his size when he stretches, and occupies the most available space. 

For dogs who sleep curled up, it is advisable to buy a round or square basket and curved shape, namely, with edges to protect it. While dogs sleeping in a lying position should have a rectangular cushion as it will allow them to stretch at ease, without touching the edges. A rectangular bed with edges is not a bad option and it fits perfectly.

In all cases, it is recommended that your dog’s bed be padded and if the round basket has no cushion, you should add a mattress. It is very important that it is installed as comfortable as possible so that it adapts and lies down, rather than on your sofa or bed. To do this, check the padding of the mattress before buying to check its quality. Never buy a bed without a mattress because your dog will not be able to rest properly.

There are other igloos or doghouse beds suitable for small breed dogs or when it is cold and in which they will feel safe at night. These types of beds are safer than the others and protect against drafts while providing greater security and better heat retention inside. Generally, they are not very padded, and you may need to add a comfortable mattress.

If your dog likes to be covered overnight to feel safe, be sure to place a blanket on the mattress. You can opt for the purchase of a bed which includes a cover system as in the image, by checking before its measurements and the size of your dog.

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