Is It Bad To Forget Your iPhone 11 On Charging Overnight? 

Possibly, you have heard that leaving your iPhone on charging overnight is not okay.  You have heard the contrary too that it’s alright to do this.

So, where are we going to draw out a line between reality and myth?

In this article, you will explore” Is it bad to leave the iPhone 11 charging iPhone overnight?” You are also going to learn some interesting things like useful tips to enhance your iPhones battery life.

Why Is It Bad to leave your iPhone 11 on Charging Overnight?

Up until now, there are approximately 1.5 billion iPhones around the world with Li-Ion batteries. These batteries are good as compare to NiMH, but they are not perfect.

The first reason is Li-Ion batteries generate lots of heat. This will be one of the most prominent issues you could face while charging iPhone. However, Li-Ion batteries are superb, but lithium is an exceptionally responsive material. The heat it generates might result in overheating, and the battery might burst(Telefoon reparatie werkendam).

Like other manufacturers, Apple also used similar Li-Lon technology. As per Apple, you should use an iPhone at a certain temperature range between 0° and 35° Celsius or 32° to 95° Fahrenheit. A study by Battery University indicates that the temperature of some Li-Lon packets may increase up to 10° Celsius or 50° Fahrenheit. However, the normal temperature is about 5° C or 41° F.

The second reason is overnight charging shortens the phone’s battery life. As per the theory, after 500 to 1000 charge-discharge phases, the power of the battery begins to decreases. When you use 100% of your battery, you complete a loop or cycle. For example, today you use 40% of battery, then recharge it to 100%, and another 60% is used the next day. This is one cycle.

Although, your iPhone battery requires approximately 2 hours to completely recharge itself. According to experts, you must keep 40% to 80% charging of your iPhone.

What happens between the time span your iPhone battery reaches 100% and the time of unplugging it from the charger?

The answer is your iPhone drains its battery continuously as it performs many operations even though you are not using it. Therefore, overnight charging slowly eats up the number of cycles a battery has at its maximum capacity.

Practical Tips for charging:

The iPhone is certainly not the cell phone with superb battery life. But, you can prolong it by recharging it correctly.  Following are the tips to protect iPhone’s battery life:

  • You should stop the overnight charging of your iPhone. All of us have almost an hour between getting up and going to work. So, when you wake up you can connect the iPhone charger. Within an hour your iPhone battery reaches 70% to 80% which is ample for your day.
  • You should carry a charger everywhere. Placing a charger in a car or workplace is easy so that you can plug it in whenever you need it. Short frequent charges are good as compared to a long single charge.
  • You should get a power bank. If you are on the move, having a power bank is the best solution. For $15 to $30, you can get a good one.

We are so glued to our phones that we hardly have time to recharge it(Coventry phone repair). We plugged it in the night and the next day we are good to go with 100% battery. It seems good but unfortunately, it is killing your iPhone battery.  Short and frequent recharges are better than charging your iPhone overnight.

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