How To Make Your Website SEO Friendly In Simple Steps?

Today, developing a website seems to be the most natural step of digital marketing voyage. But, it is far from the truth because many factors need to be considered. Website designing is not only about the best content and perfect design. There is much more to consider. Apart from designing the website, you need to determine the best marketing strategy to position your site higher on SERPs.

SEO is the first strategy that best digital agency always relies upon when it comes to generating targeted leads and brand awareness. To boost the ranking of a website on SERPs, it needs to be SEO-friendly. Below you will come across with simple, yet practical SEO steps to make your website SEO-Friendly.

Create High Quality and Informative Content

The content quality mainly evaluates the relevance of a website. So, it is essential to create well-optimized and high-quality content for your website, which can bring value to the readers and search engines. Your website will get rewards for this effort. The content must be unique and must solve the queries that your target audiences have. There are specific guidelines to write quality content, and this includes:

  • Short sentences and the text must be readable
  • Write long term content as it helps in ranking your website
  • Use visual content
  • Prioritize facts and display statistics.

Create Titles, URLs and Descriptions SEO-Friendly

The title must be SEO-Optimized and ensure to include the primary keyword in the title. SEO friendly URL is the one that comprises the main keyword. Moreover, it must also incorporate a meta-description, which is the text that is located under the title and URL. The description must be SEO-friendly and hence ensure to include primary keywords in the description, and it must be a tempting summary of the content. These were the three crucial elements that visitors and Google pay close attention to.

Make your Website Mobile Friendly

Today, a large number of online businesses are focusing on designing mobile-friendly websites. There are different WordPress templates available that are highly responsive, and you can choose a responsive theme and edit it as per your business needs to make your website mobile-friendly.

If you want to design your website from scratch without compromising the content management system, then it is wise to hire an SEO services company in Gurgaon that specializes in developing mobile-friendly sites.

Boost Loading Speed

If your website fails to load within a specific time and loads slowly, it will lose visitors. The slow loading websites are not referred to as SEO-Friendly. The loading speed of a website is an important ranking factor for SEO. The most economical solution to boost your website’s loading speed is by switching the site to the cloud with robust Azure windows virtual desktop. It will help increase the loading speed by 99.9% uptime. Plus there are other steps to increase loading speed, and this includes:

  • Minimize HTTP request
  • Use adaptive images
  • Reduce server response time
  • Compile and combine the files
  • Enable browsing cache
  • Select the right hosting service for your web traffic

Focus on Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization is the process that you carry out from your website to improvise the rankings on search results. It is related to external marketing. With this process, you can earn inbound links and social media mentions that will boost your site’s authority and reputation, and this will boost rankings on SERPs also. Some of the great and easy Off-Page Optimization methods are:

  • Learn about your competitors to find out the targeted keywords they are using, what content they regularly post, and which SEO strategy brings good results.
  • Use of right target keywords in inbound links and anchor text
  • Earning backlinks from related sites. If an authoritative site links back to your website, Google will consider it as a positive signal, and the ranking would get significantly boosted.


SEO optimization of your website is not rocket science. With these few simple steps, you can make your website SEO friendly. It will deliver significant results and boost your business performance virtually. To keep your website SEO-friendly consistently, hire the services of the best SEO Agency in India.

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