5 Simple Ideas To Build Eco-Friendly Modular Exhibition Stand

Participation in an exhibition or trade shows needs a huge investment. All components and parts of the exhibition stand are costly, but still, a huge volume of waste is generated after the trade shows or exhibitions. The waste generated after the trade shows usually end up in landfill and pollute the environment.

Well, it does not just affect our environment but also affects our budget. What if you can use your exhibition stand and also components of the exhibition stand again and again? It will significantly reduce your expenditure and increase the profit margin. The modular exhibition stands are reusable and eco-friendly.

Here, in this article, we will discuss various methods to design reusable and eco-friendly exhibition stand:

1. Use Reusable Components

If you are a regular exhibitor, then a reusable modular exhibition stand can help to reduce investment and let you achieve your objectives. The reusable components in the modular booths allow you to use the same booth again and again. You can easily do a little alteration to upgrade the visual appeal of the stand and make it look like a new one in all trade shows.

The reusable material will also help in reducing the investment before each exhibition.  Purchasing a reusable modular exhibition stand is a wise investment. It is so because you do not need to invest again and again. It will help in making your activities more sustainable and eco-friendly.

If we take a look at the financial side, the modular trade booth helps you to save money and create a buzz every time you participate in the trade show. The modular exhibition system can be easily reused by doing little tweaks. The modular exhibition stand looks outstanding with a unique layout and amazing graphics. You will have a completely fresh exhibition stand layout at little cost.

2. Create A Perfect Design

Your exhibition stand design should be alluring and sturdy. Always keep in mind that your design should be futuristic. It is so because you are going to use this reusable modular exhibition stand for many upcoming years.

You should think your exhibition stands as an integration of various modular components. It will help you to design a flexible modular exhibition stand that can be easily adjusted on different space dimensions in different trade shows.

Careful planning will allow the exhibitors to easily integrate different exhibition stand components in different ways. If you switch from space to shell scheme, then a wisely designed modular exhibition stand will help you.

By integrating different components of the modular exhibition in a different way, you can easily transform the overall appearance of your exhibition stand. You will have an eye-catching modular reusable exhibition stand.

3. Cut Down Use Of Paper & Ink

Rather than giving brochures to the trade booth visitors, you should encourage the trade show attendees to use a QR code scanner to know about their business. You should display the QR codes on the exhibition stand graphics or anywhere else inside your booth where it can be easily accessible.

The QR code displayed on the website should be directly linked to your brand website or online PDF.  After scanning this QR code, the trade show attendees will get direct access to the information related to your brand and products or services on the Smartphone.

Most exhibitors are investing in various customizable interactive data access software. It will help the exhibitors collect information from the trade show attendees such as contact details, email address, etc.

4. Reduce Fuel Consumption

The cost of transportation and fuel is one of the biggest investments for exhibitors. It is very difficult to move bulky stands from warehouse to event and back to the warehouse or office. The heavy exhibition stand leads to an increased cost of transportation.

The biggest advantages of modular trade booths are that they are lightweight. Moreover, they can be easily disintegrated into smaller components that can be easily packed and transported in the back seat of your vehicle.

5. Wise Choose Raw Materials

Did you know that the fabric graphics are durable as compared to the old start graphic print? The fabric banners are more efficient and can leave a good impression on trade show attendees. Moreover, fabric banners can be washed if they get dirty.

You do not replace the dirty fabric banners. These banners can be used again after washing them properly. Similarly, you should use aluminum for the construction of a reusable modular booth.

The aluminum is reusable and lightweight as well. Therefore, it is perfect for the construction of a modular exhibition stand. To save money and reduce expenditure, you can also choose an exhibition stand hire.

6. Take Help Of Professionals

You should hire the renowned professionals to build an eye-catching and sturdy modular exhibition stand. The experienced exhibition stand contractors can build a perfect reusable booth for your business.

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