How Legal Directories Can Help Law Firms To Win Cases?

Why Are Legal Directories Important?

These questions from lawyers and law firms about business listings, sometimes they’re called citations and they’re really important. If you want to rank in the Google Maps, but the thing is that they used to be a lot more important than they were it used to be you know?If you search something like Baltimore personal injury lawyer, there are the ads and then below that there’s the map section and then below that.

There are the organic listings and to get in those maps the way that you used to have to do it, Is you just basically had to have a ton of citations a ton of business listings and Google’s kind of backed away from that a little bit?

Thousands of Legal Directory but it is important to have certain directory listings, so what we do for all of our clients is we always make sure that they have a handful of really good directory listings and we want to always want to make sure that the name the address and the phone number is always accurate as always 100% accurate on these.

SEO process for a law website:

We also want to make sure that each one has a unique business description. We don’t take a business description and copy and paste it. We always have a writer write a unique business description for every citation every business listing. So lawyers ask me all the time which citations which business listings should? I have because you can really end up spending a lot of money.

Some of these are a couple of hundred dollars just for one listing. But these are the five most important citations or directory listings whatever you want to call them for a law firm and just go through this one by one. So that they treat businesses fairly it annoys me that people can leave a review for you.

Clients can leave a review and then Yelp will hide the review and say it’s not recommended but unfortunately it doesn’t matter. What do I think it matters what Google thinks, Google loves Yelp? So make sure that you have your Yelp listing completely optimized, you necessarily need to advertise with them.

But definitely make sure, it’s claimed to make sure your name, your address, your phone number everything is correct at photos to it add everything that you can get your business hours corrected a business description in there everything you can to your Yelp profile.

Here techniques are described in brief:

So it’s a little bit more expensive, but it’s probably one of the more worthwhile directory listings to get listed in. So Better Business Bureau we recommend all of our clients all of our SEO clients get listed in the Better Business Bureau all right number.

Now, this is a really weird one because it doesn’t really it kind of seems like just a generic business listing. But for some reason Google really likes this directory and if you get listed here. You’re much more likely to appear in the knowledge graph, you have your knowledge graph listings appear and that’s a little bit more technical.

But good things happen, if you get listed in info USA, So definitely make sure, you got Yelp Better Business Bureau info USA, get your name, your address, your phone number, add photos, add business description, a unique business description make sure your website URL is correct all that good stuff and with so many threats looming over your good online Reputation.

So these are three basically kind of like generic any business should have these, so now let’s talk about some of the lawyer ones. Because there are so many different ones out there specifically for lawyers, how do we know which ones are trustworthy?.

Google also knows that pretty much every lawyer that is anybody has a listing on Law Tally, so as a result, you need a listing on Law Tally, so go with the cheapest option possible, You possibly could even get a free listing on Law Tally, but this is definitely one if you want to go for that trust and relevancy to being a lawyer got to have Law Tally.

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