Cargo Services Has Never Been So Easy These Days

Transport and logistics company “The Pakistan Cargo” provides a full range of cargo transportation services. One of the demanded types of activity is the transportation of heavy cargo of any complexity and volume. The provision of services implies the professional work of all divisions of the company, from receiving and processing applications for transportation and ending with delivery to the destination on time.

The company’s fleet consists of specialized vehicles for the transportation of heavy cargo, including:

  • Low loader platforms equipped with a folding ramp, which are used for transportation of construction and other special equipment;
  • Sliding platforms on semi-trailers for transporting long loads;
  • Modular platforms are expandable in width and length for the transportation of bulky and massive products.

Our company’s specialists will select the best option for placement and transportation, taking into accounts the dimensions and weight of the cargo.

 We face up to your logistics challenges.

Apart from offering all conventional means of transport, we also offer a wide spectrum of logistics services, tailor-made to your individual needs:

  • Customs clearance (ATLAS method)
  • Packaging
  • Loading/unloading of containers
  • Drawing up of documentation for import and export
  • Provision of transport insurance
  • Storage and commissioning
  • Full project realization

A global network of agents allows us to offer an extensive range of transport options combined with a high measure of flexibility, all according to your requirements.

Irrespective of whether you want capital goods shipped to the Far East, need consumer goods transported to the USA, or require container services from Australia – we are at your service.

 Air Freight

Whether by scheduled flight or by charter plane, we take care of your consignments to any place as fast as possible, upon request also directly to the consignee by means of door to door cargo service from Dubai to Pakistan. Our services even include transport of your important and urgent shipments by express courier.

Sea Freight

We offer you a perfect service for:

  • FCL (Full Container Load),
  • LCL (Less than Container Load),
  • Terminal to Terminal,
  • Door to Door

Mixed consignments are not only transported from seaports onwards but in individual relations also continuously from and to the depot at Nuremberg.

On account of our regular cargo services in Dubai to Pakistan, we are able to carry your consignments without costly and time-consuming reloading and handling at ports.

Of course, we will organize shipments for you also Ro/Ro or conventional, right up to complex project loading.

What makes our No.1 choice for customers?

Highly motivated and well-trained employees form the foundation of our success.

Continuously superior performance can only be achieved if there is a supreme level of willingness to deliver it. This is what we are striving for.

Ever since the company was founded in 2001, The Pakistan Cargo has experienced constant growth even in times of a troubled economy. This testifies to the trust our customers put in us, a trust that can only be built by communicating efficiently, acting flexibly, and consistently focusing on the customers.

We at The Pakistan Cargo are successful as a team – and to us, this team includes not only our employees but also our customers.

So when we forge cooperation and strategic alliances, we always look for partners that think and act as we do. On the basis of our value system, we join partners all over the Middle East together to form a common logistics network.

Freight Brokers

The focus of a freight broker is to achieve the lowest possible cost of freight, pass this recommendation on to the customer, and earn commission on savings. The issue with this model is ongoing service is of no concern, so usually, the same low-cost provider is being recommended to all customers, to maximize commission payments.

A TPS solution is an ongoing relationship between us as a unit and the customer. For this to work it is critical that the right providers are selected at the most cost-effective price, this will result in the greatest ongoing savings. In addition to low rates, 100% proactive tracking, single weekly accurate invoices, advanced software and reporting, and many other benefits are included in pricing, all as part of a true Managed Freight Solution.


A freight consultant is an industry specialist who will work with a customer as one of the projects to design and implement the optimum freight solution for that business. The consultant will work on a project on an hourly basis and is likely to achieve some significant cost savings for the client, usually at a project fee which will run into thousands of dollars. Once complete the consultant will leave the provider and customer to continue their relationship.

The TPS team is made up of a number of freight consultants who have built a market-leading solution that is then tailored to each of its clients. This is done without a multi-thousand dollar project fee. In addition due to the volume rates, TPS (The Pakistan Cargo Service) has achieved with its providers a customer can have a multi-carrier solution at guaranteed lowest rates, ongoing. TPS manages every aspect of the freight solution costs effectively and proactively, meaning the solution is far superior to what any single consultant could achieve.

 Freight Providers

Dealing directly with one or more freight carriers will access the customer to reasonable rates, and services in line with what the selected provider is able to achieve. If more than one carrier is selected the total spend is reduced, resulting in higher rates, and it becomes a complex exercise to select an ongoing manage a range of providers.

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