6 Point Checklist For Right Car GPS Tracker For Security

Given how much we think about our vehicles, it seems like a smart idea to purchase a GPS tracker. Your car is one of the most costly pieces of equipment that you own, however, so you should think twice before you pick the right tracking device. There’s a lot to consider in terms of performance, system reliability, and health before you buy some random system off Amazon.

Here’s a checklist of things you can look for before you purchase the GPS tracker for your car:


One of the first things you need to check when purchasing a device is compatible with your model car. It is important in that it ensures:

  • The app can collect all the details it promises and you can use all the functions without any problems
  • The tool doesn’t adversely affect the output of your car

Many cars manufactured (in India) after 2010 come with a standard OBD-II port and any OBD-based tracking system of good quality will help your particular vehicle. Nonetheless, it is best to ensure compatibility with the particular make and model of your car before buying, or there are choices that do not include OBD connections.

This is particularly important if you have a luxury car that has complex electronics (Mercs, Audis, BMWs, Volvo, JLR, etc). The manufacturer of the device should certify they have thoroughly tested the device on the model of your vehicle.


Any tracking device will collect a ton of data about the location of your car and the details of your daily trip. It is extremely sensitive, combined with a lot of personal data that is fed into the application, and demands total privacy. Therefore it is important to test the level of protection given by the application.

Your car information flows into your application from the computer, through the servers. Check the vendor’s level of data encryption over the entire process. Things you should ask yourself:

  • How safe is my data as it flows from servers to the app?
  • How tamper-proof is the device?

Although all connected devices and apps have some degree of vulnerability, it is important to ensure that the software you select follows all the best practices in data protection.

User Suggestions:

GPS tracker car will You have an app that will carry you all the data the system collects. On this app, you can access all live maps, location warnings, etc.

Ideally, the app will give you a user interface that is intuitive and smooth. Without too much effort or uncertainty you should be able to quickly locate the details you want. If you purchase your tracking system from a shop, ask the salesperson to provide you with an app demo and how it works. Read the app feedback to get an idea if you are purchasing a product online.

Data readjustment pace:

The refresh rate for the data is the indicator of how much the device refreshes the data points. The lower latency this time, the better. It ensures that the software most frequently refreshes data points and therefore gives you the information in real-time.

For features like geofence alerts, a good data refresh rate is critical. As soon as the car crosses a geo-fence and not five minutes later, you want to be alerted. So, if you have a data refresh rate of a few seconds in your monitoring device, you get the information as soon as it happens, and then you can behave accordingly.

Offline Logging:

In India, Internet connectivity leaves much to be desired. But you want a system that can run offline, to ensure that you don’t lose any data on the trip.

Check if your devices have communication offline, as in the case of trip data logging in the absence of the internet. Ideally, the devices should be able to log data on trip for a certain amount of time, even without access, and pass the saved data to the servers once it is back online.


Finally, as with any electronic product, you need to be quality-conscious. There are a host of low-priced GPS trackers for cars but their hardware and software devices do not meet the highest quality standards. It’s also hard to get vendors to repair or replace those devices.

So make sure a reliable system is chosen by asking a few important questions:

Is the OEM grade device? It tests whether the unit is designed for smooth operation for all types of vehicles.

How easy/complicated is contacting a customer support team? You don’t want to be saddled with a broken system you can’t fix or replace easily.

So these are some of the main elements you can test before you buy a GPS tracker on your vehicle. When it comes to the KENT CamEye, the device checks off all the parameters that we have listed above and makes sure you are always connected to your car.

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