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Instagram Selling Technique And Its Impact On Society

Instagram Selling pertains to ways in which brands use the Instagram social media platform to connect with their target audiences and make their products known to the market. The platform is fitted with features that enable users to upload photos and videos and edit them using various options of interest to them. The additional edit features which Instagram provides are essential in easing the work of brands and marketers as it enables them to interact easily with the platform and market their products with ease.

Foundation, Evolution and Ownership

The foundation of Instagram is traced back to October 2010 when the social media platform was launched. However, it was not until Facebook acquired the platform that its features were strengthened. The editing features were incorporated into the platform with the need to improve the experience of marketers who would choose to use the platform. The aim would be to ensure that marketers attain the ease of place appealing advertisements which would be useful in attracting more people who would be willing to purchase the products which they sell.

Why Marketers Would be Likely to use the Digital Technology

Marketers would be likely to use the technology to appease young customers who are mostly on social media platforms like Instagram. The approach will be essential in boosting their levels of sales effectiveness.

Demographic of Users of Instagram Selling

A large majority of users of Instagram Selling are young people who constantly access the social media platform. They are likely to access the ads placed on those platforms.

When Marketers Would be more likely to deploy the Technique

Marketers would be more likely to deploy the technique when they want to target a youthful audience which is on the internet and social media. They would aim to tap into technology with the need to gain access to a large number of potential customers. The process would, therefore, enable them to increase upon the levels of sales of their products.

User Data Gathered by the Platform

The platform gathers data regarding people who have viewed the ad and their sex and age. It, therefore, characterizes potential sales which might be obtained from marketing through the platform.

Criticism/Controversy Surrounding Data Gathering on this Platform

Some of the people who see the product being marketed might not be interested in it. Therefore, it might provide information about viewership which is of little benefit in light of the sales which might be provided in the process. Companies might experience a challenge in having the right people interested in the products which they sell, viewing them. The platform is very general and, therefore, all people happen to see the adverts. There is no clear targeting of a specific group of people only.

Impact of the Technique on the Society

The technology has borne a significant effect on society as it has eased on the process of companies advertising their products. It has made it cheaper for them to promote their products than they would where they happened to use conventional marketing media. It has also improved the level of purchase of different products.

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