How Corporate Gifting Can Help Boost Connections With Your Target Audience

Gifting gifts is undoubtedly one of the most straight forward and fool-proof methods to boost relationship connections with your clients or potential customers. Everyone loves to receive gifts on individual levels, and It is also applicable to small scale groups and large-scale company level.

Corporate Gifts Singapore sounds like it is specifically for corporate-to-corporate gifting. However, like any other tool, it can be used to fit in your own custom plans. Corporate Gifting is a common term for Customised Bulk Gifting, which is more apparent in Corporate Companies, thus the naming.

It can be given from Corporate to Client, Corporate to Employees, Corporate to Potential Customers, or even Individual to Individuals. Examples of events such as Appreciation Day, Festive Holidays, Charitable Sponsor, or even Free Giveaways on the streets.

It is commonly seen everywhere from branded common retail items to “Free Mug with every purchase” in supermarkets, to even Free Giveaways by completing surveys. It is all around us and they are works of “Corporate Gifting” as well.

Therefore, gifts do not limit to just “products”. Items such as ‘Packaging’ and ‘Goodie Tote Bags’ are also undeniably a part of Corporate Gifting. Anything such as Customized Gift Wraps, Boxes, Bags, and Carriers.

Do these sound familiar to you?

How to get started with corporate gifting? Can I just choose a gift from a supplier and order in bulk? Planning to contact a wholesaler for my gifts, but don’t know who? Worried about faulty products? What about packaging and delivery? I do not have a design, but I want it customized?

Here are some tips and things to consider when choosing a gift:

  • A Good and Reliable Supplier
  • It is important that the supplier you choose is good and reliable, in the sense that the products are as advertised. With the same specifications and not second-hand faulty products.
  • A good range of products
  • A variety of selections for you to choose from. Products that are suitable for all kinds of industries. Also, if possible, to source out specific products that you may have interest in but not listed in their catalog.
  • Reasonable Pricing for Quality and Premium items
  • No hidden costs and inflated pricing for the items you plan to purchase. Best would be a standardized price list in accordance with its’ quantity.
  • Customization Available
  • What could be more important for Brand Awareness than customization with your own logo? When giving to your clients or employees, you would want them to remember who they received the gifts from. Or even a message that you wish to put across, can be customized on your desired gift.
  • Quality Checks and Delivery
  • The supplier that does quality checks to make sure there are no faulty products. Also, delivery to the desired location. It is common for any business to not include deliveries, and the purchaser will be required to call for their own personal delivery service.

The good news to you is that at Bespoke Gifts Singapore, they work with the rule to provide the best for their clients. Bespoke Gifts have many years of experience and have worked with multiple big-name companies. Producing premium and quality products that have earned their trust for their next Corporate Gifting Purchase. From sourcing to mock-up design customizations, packaging, and delivery straight to you.

It is always recommended to always personally deliver it to your clients, It shows how much you value and appreciate them. In return, you are sure to leave a positive and lasting impression. However, if needed, they are open to deliver your gifts straight to your Clients.

In conclusion, Corporate Gifting is a common method to build up relationships between gifted and receiver. (eg. Clients, employees, customers) It is also a proven practice that was won many people’s hearts. No need for hesitations and thousands of indecisive online researches anymore. Contact us now to get your uniquely personalized gifts now!

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