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Top YouTube Competitor Apps 2020

Hello, guys today we are going to write about top YouTube computer apps 2020. I am going to write all these apps, 100% genuine and safe. In fact, many peoples use these apps without any problem.

YouTube is a video social media site that people use to watch videos of their favorite and make money by uploading their videos. It is a very large platform operated by Google; it was built by two friends in 2004 and was bought by Google in 2005.

The apps we are going to mention in this article, some of which are from YouTube’s direct competitor, and some are indirect competitors. If you search for the best apps for youtube creators, so you can find it here.

Some of these apps are good for making money online. Only you have to make a channel on these apps and upload your videos, get views, and make money passively.

List Of Top YouTube Competitor apps 2020



Facebook is a huge social media site on which people share their views and can find partners for themselves and make new friends. Facebook has more than two billion users worldwide who use Facebook every day.

Facebook has recently launched its video feature, so it has become the toughest competitor of YouTube. Facebook has recently launched its video feature, So it has become the toughest competitor of YouTube.

If you want to earn money by uploading videos on Facebook, then you have to create a Facebook page on it and upload your videos on it, after that Facebook approves you for advertisements.

But I found a shortcoming on this platform that Facebook is not able to give as much money as YouTube gives you, it gives less money than views. You can promote anything by running ads on Facebook, here the ads run very cheap and do not cost much.



According to Wikipedia, Dailymotion was launched on 15 March 2005; it is a video sharing social media site. Now you can easily earn money from Dailymotion too simple you have to create a channel of your own and upload videos on it, and as the views on your channel, you will start earning money.

Here you can explore new content daily, and if you like any content, then you can save it in watch later so that you can watch it when you have time.

DailyMotion updates its trending page daily. The video which has become most famous in the country is put on the trending page so that people can give more and more love to them.



Twitch is one of the top YouTube competitor apps. This app is used by people to telecast live gaming video as it is considered an excellent app for the live telecast.

This app is quite popular in European countries, but it could not make its mark in Asian countries.  You can watch here many games, like FIFA, PUBG, etc.

Its dark mod feature is beneficial for the eyes in watching videos at night. During live streaming, you can talk to the creator on live chat.



Vimeo is one of the best video content management apps. You can watch here full HD video. Here you can manage your channel and upload the video with your smartphone; you don’t need to buy a personal computer.

Vimeo is the first company in the US to be completely ad-free. Its headquarter is located in New York and was founded in 2007. It only supports full HD videos. People like this platform after YouTube, and it has been considered as the second most popular video platform.

The interface of this app is exactly like YouTube, if you want to use this app, then first you subscribe to it and then use it. You can send any video to your loved one privately, and you can watch your video collection from anywhere.


Whatever is considered to be the top competitor apps of YouTube, we have included all of them in it. If an app has been missed, then do let us know. We hope that you must have liked our article.

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